AAA International Driving Permit Application

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AAA International Driving Permit Application


Once you have planned to rent a car and drive throughout the world, an International Driving Permit is a must-have. In this article, we will walk you through the major milestones on the way to correct and accurate completion of the form and relevant details an international driver must take into account. It is genuinely advised that the form should be filled out without mistakes to embrace its validity. Therefore, we recommend using the form-building software we provide to the visitors on our website. Here are the main reasons why one should consider having the IDP.

Reasons to Carry IDP

As the topmost reason to have an IDP done, we should mention that 150 nations globally accept the validity of the document; it includes personal information like your current photograph, your legal name, and other info about you as a motorist. The data is represented in ten major languages so that you are understood anywhere abroad.

One should note that only the US officials can issue the IDP document sufficing the driving license.

While one must have an IDP to drive legally in some countries, this information needs to be checked before you embarked on the trip in order to avoid troubles on the way.

Furthermore, such a document will provide you safety and security even if you plan to be a pedestrian in the country of your destination. Now, is it easy to get the document?

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You’ll find more editable application forms accessible with our tool. Following next, we selected a number of the more popular forms within this category. Additionally, remember that it is possible to upload, fill out, and edit any PDF form at FormsPal.

How to Apply for an IDP?

There are two privately-owned entities in the United States that have a legal opportunity to distribute an IDP; AAA is one of them. Read our step-by-step guide to raise your awareness of the procedure and minimize possible mistakes one can make.

Who Can Apply?

As is indicated on the form, individuals of age who have a driving license valid in the United States can apply for an IDP.

Permit Restrictions

However, there are certain permit restrictions one should keep in mind:

  • The document will expire in a one-year period.
  • The thing is invalid without your driving license.
  • It doesn’t grant you the right to drive in America.
  • It grants no privileges to the owner.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download the form from our website. Fill it out and submit it to the officials of the AAA office located nearest to your current address.

2. Submit two original images of your passport. The service is widely available at AAA offices.

3. Submit your driving license with a valid expiration date issued in the United States.

4. You will be charged $20 for the entire procedure.

Should you be disabled for some reason to reach AAA physically, the operation can be done via mail. Although the fee’s amount can vary by state, generally, the mail you send should include the following:

  • The IDP form: filled out and signed by you
  • $20 fee
  • Two pics of your passport with your signature on the back of them. The pictures must be recent.
  • Your driving license’s copy (two sides)
  • Optionally, add money for expedited return mail service.

The IDP applicant’s qualifications permit restrictions, and other requirements find printed on the template of the form.

step 4 qualifications, restrictions, requirements filling out aaa international driving permit application

As the next step, let’s consider the data that is to be included in the form.

Filling Out the Form

The information you fill out the document with should be the same as in your driving license. Be careful to avoid mistakes.

1. Include your first, middle, and last name, email, and telephone number

2. Print in your driving license’s number, where it was issued, and when it will expire.

3. Include info about your birthplace, state or county information, and the date of your birth.

4. Provide your home address, street, and ZIP code.

5. Indicate when you are to leave the country and add permit effective date (in half a year of application)

step 5 filling out the applicant’s information filling out aaa international driving permit application

6. Choose the option of permit.

step 6 desired permit filling out aaa international driving permit application

7. Indicate the type of your vehicle

step 7 vehicle type filling out aaa international driving permit application

8. Indicate that the data filled out previously on the form is valid and 100% true.

step 8 certify the info is 100% filling out aaa international driving permit application

9. Leave your signature and indicate the date.

step 8 certify the info is 100% filling out aaa international driving permit application

10. Don’t forget to put your return address.

step 10 return address filling out aaa international driving permit application

11. For office use, the amount, receipt №, permit №, date the document is issued, and the form’s recipient is to be included.

step 11 for office use only filling out aaa international driving permit application