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IRS Schedule 8812 Form 1040

Children are not only joy and happiness but also an expensive pleasure. Fortunately, the Revenue Service allows you to receive the Child Tax Credit. Beginning from 2018, its amount can be up to $ 2,000.

Schedule 8812 is filled in to qualify for additional child tax credit (ACTC). You are able to claim the ACTC if your child tax credit is limited because of your tax liability.

This is not a single paper, and it is included with Form 1040. You will determine additional credit in this Schedule.

Qualifying Child Requirement

There are certain requirements that a child must meet to receive this credit. These include:

  • It can be not only your kid but also a nephew, grandson, stepchild.
  • The child must be less than 17 years old.
  • The child must live with you for more than half a year.
  • The child should receive more than half of the support from you.

But as almost everywhere, there are a few exclusions to these requirements:

  • If your child is in a correctional facility or school, that time counts as living with you. The same if you were on medical treatment, military service, or on a business trip.
  • If the child was born or died during the tax year, then the period of six months may be reduced. But for this, it is necessary that the rest of the time, the child lived with you.

Who Is Eligible for ACTC?

According to the articles of the paper, you must have earned income. You will need to specify your gross income.

If you have one or more kids (all must meet the parameters above) and your income is more than $ 2500, then you have the right to refund up to 15% of your income over $ 2500.

If your income is less, then you will have this right if:

  • The number of children is equal to or more than three.
  • Paid Social Security tax is greater than earned income credit.

We advise you to consult a specialist if you have any doubts about using this form.

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Steps to Fill Out the Document

The form takes only 1 page and is divided into three parts. The first part of the paper is filled in by everyone who meets the voiced requirements. The second is needed for those who have three or more children who meet the requirements. In the third part, you will receive the credit amount.

We recommend using the special form-building software, which you can easily use on our website. This will save you time.

Identify yourself

Please enter your name as in the tax return and the number of Social Security.

step 1 identify yourself filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

Transfer data from other papers

To fill out the first two points, you will need data from other docs. Insert them as required by the instructions. If in line 3 you get zero, then there is no point in continuing to fill out the document further.

step 2 transfer data from other papers filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

Indicate the number of children

Enter the number of children that fit all requirements. Multiply their number by $ 1400, and write the result in point 4.

step 3 indicate the number of children filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

Complete the remaining items in Part 1

Following clear instructions, continue filling out this part of the document from points 5 to 8. Based on your answers, you will either stop filling out the form here and move your answer to Part 3 or continue filling out Part 2.

step 4 complete the remaining items in part 1 filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

Complete Part 2

Using the previously filled out forms, enter the data in the second part of the document.

step 5 complete part 2 filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

Get the total amount

In column 15, you need to insert:

  • either the number obtained in paragraph 5 or 8 (whichever is less) and if you did not fill out part 2;
  • or the number obtained in points 5 or 14 (whichever is less) if you filled out part 2.

step 6 get the total amount filling out irs schedule 8812 form 1040

We strongly recommend you consult with a professional before submitting this document. After all, if the Revenue Service recognizes you were not eligible for this ACTC, you may be denied receiving it within the next two years. Therefore, it is better not to risk it but to get extra tax advice if you cannot figure it out yourself. Check the validity of the data several times before submitting it.

How To Act In Case of Divorce?

If you are divorced or living separately from your spouse, then only one of you can qualify for ACTC. The custodial parent usually gets this right. But there are some exceptions. For a noncustodial parent to take advantage of this, the following conditions must be met:

  • Parents are separated for the last six months.
  • The child received more than half the support from the parent and lived with the parent for over six months.