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IRS Form 1099-DIV

You probably know that purchasing stocks of various companies is one of the fastest and most proven ways to generate income. Of course, you need to invest a little and research the market first, but if you succeed, you can get rich.

When you buy stocks, you buy a part of the corporation’s profits, which is divided among the stockholders of this corporation. The money that you receive as a stockholder is called dividends.

Since dividends are considered income, you need to pay earning tax on dividends annually. Form 1099-DIV is used to calculate taxes on dividends and report to the IRS.

In our review, we will tell you what dividends are, why you need the 1099-DIV form, and give basic info about this paper. Also, in our review, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a form and fill out a paper.

If you have any questions when filling out the paper, or if you do not understand the terminology, you should seek professional help from a lawyer.

What Are Dividends And How To Get Them

Dividends are the profits of the corporation divided among the stockholders. The number of dividends, the frequency of payments, and other factors depend on the policy of the corporation.

To make money on stocks and receive dividends, you need to buy stocks first. Not all companies pay dividends, but usually, companies provide reports on the distribution of their profits. Some companies pay dividends regularly. To make money on dividends, you need to choose a corporation with the right policy.

Your stocks will be more profitable over time if you buy them from a developing and promising corporation. If the stock price rises, profits, and dividends will rise.

If the stock doesn’t pay you much, you can sell it. It is better to do this at a certain moment, namely a few days before the dividend payment. Usually, by this time, stock prices are significantly higher. Immediately after the dividend is paid, stock prices fall again. That is, if you buy stocks after the dividend is paid and sell them before the dividend is paid, you can make money selling the stocks.

And the money from the sale of stocks and dividends is included in your income, and this means that you need to pay income tax for this money.

Who Fills The Form

The paper is not filled out by the person who received the dividend and must pay earning tax. The dividend paper is created by the bank or corporation and sent to the recipient. In this case, the paper comes to the recipient already filled out.

But at the same time, this paper is very important for the recipient. The info provided on the form will need to be reported on the annual tax return.

The dividend paper must be received by the recipient no later than January 31st.

That is, taxpayers do not need to worry about creating a 1099-Div form and calculating taxes for their dividends.

What is the 1099-DIV Form And How To Use It?

Form 1099-DIV is needed to calculate your dividend earning and your taxes. The paper contains detailed info about your dividends and other income.

You will need to take into account the info provided in this document when paying your annual earning tax.

It is worth noting that Form 1099-DIV should be received only by those taxpayers whose dividend earning for the year was more than $ 10. If your dividend earning is less than $ 10, you will not be sent Form 1099-DIV.

The paper is completed and compiled by the bank that paid your dividends and contains all the necessary info about your income.

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How to Create a Form 1099-DIV

You can submit Form 1099-DIV online or on paper. At the same time, to fill out the paper, you need to use the form-building software. You cannot scan the paper, and on the IRS internet site, you will not find a form option that can be filled out online. Therefore, we recommend that you use our form-building software. This will help you create a correct and valid document and avoid paperwork.

Please note that the deadline for submitting the paper varies depending on the form of submission of the document. If you are submitting Form 1099-DIV for 2021 online, you can submit it by March 31st, 2022. If you are submitting a paper form 1099-DIV for 2021, the deadline is February 28th, 2022.

The American tax system is very complex and confusing, with dozens of different forms to fill out every year. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you hire a tax professional to help you figure things out.

Of course, we understand that not everyone has the financial ability to afford a tax specialist. If you choose to fill out the papers yourself, make sure that you are 100% clear on all wording and statements. If you have questions about any of the wording and statements, seek professional legal advice. In almost all states, this can be done for free.

A responsible approach to filling out and creating tax papers will help you avoid miscalculating taxes, which means you will not have to pay the penalty. Below you will find a few simple steps you need to follow to create a 1099-DIV form.

Enter The Payer info

First of all, when filling out the paper, you will need to indicate all this payer. To do this, you need to fill in the top left part. Please provide the payer’s full legal name and contact info. Contact info includes the state, city, street, and building number, as well as the payer’s phone number.

step 1 enter the payer info filling out an irs form 1099 div

Enter the TIN of the Payer and the Recipient

Below you will need to indicate the taxpayer identification numbers. First, enter the taxpayer identification number of the payer, followed by the taxpayer identification number of the recipient of the paper. You can find out the taxpayer identification number through the IRS.

step 2 enter the tin of the payer and the recipient filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in the Recipient’s Contact Info

The next step in filling out the paper is to fill out the next three parts. In the first of these parts, you need to enter the full legal name of the recipient, and in the other two – contact data. Specify the address, zip code, and phone number of the recipient as contaсt data.

step 3 fill in the recipient's contact info filling out an irs form 1099 div

Enter The Account Number (optional)

In the lower-left corner, you will need to indicate your account number. This part is optional. But if you checked the FATCA part, then you will need to fill in the part in the lower-left corner.

step 4 enter the account number (optional) filling out an irs form 1099 div

Check the part (optional)

If you have an overseas account or overseas bank account, you need to tick the FATCA part. FATCA stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

step 5 check the part (optional) filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in partes 1a and 1b

In part 1a, you need to enter the total amount of dividends in dollars. To do this, you need to add up all the dividends you received over the past year. In part 1b, you need to indicate qualified dividends. Qualified dividends must be included in part 1b, as they are included in the general dividends.

step 6 fill in partes 1a and 1b filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in parts 2a-2f

In part 2a, you need to indicate the amount you earned on your investment. This amount will need to be indicated on tax reports. Note that the amounts shown in 2b-2e are included in the amount shown in 2a. In parts 2e-2f, enter the amounts for section 897.

step 7 fill in parts 2a 2f filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part 3

In part number three, you need to indicate the amount that does not bring you dividends.

step 8 fill in part 3 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part 4

Enter the amount of income tax that was calculated from your dividend.

step 9 fill in part 4 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part  5

In the fifth part, you need to indicate the number of dividends of section 199A.

step 10 fill in part  5 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part 6

In the sixth part, you need to enter the number of your expenses.

step 11 fill in part 6 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part 7

In the seventh part, you need to indicate the amount of all your foreign taxes on dividends.

step 12 fill in part 7 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in part 8

In part number 8, list the countries whose taxes were listed in part number 7.

step 13 fill in part 8 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in parts 9-10

In part number 9, you need to indicate the number of liquidations for cash, and in part number 10, indicate the number of liquidations for non-cash payments.

step 14 fill in parts 9 10 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in parts 11-12

In parts 11 and 12, list the dividends that are not taxed or are subject to the minimum tax. Include these amounts only if you have them. These fields are optional.

step 15 fill in parts 11 12 filling out an irs form 1099 div

Fill in parts 13-15

In part number 13, you need to include the name of the state that withheld taxes. In part 14, list the state number. You can find the state number on the official state internet site. And in part number 15, write the amount of tax withheld by the state.

step 16 fill in parts 13 15 filling out an irs form 1099 div