IRS Form 1040-V

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IRS Form 1040-V

If you solely or jointly with the spouse have completed any 1040-referred Form, you are likely to prepare and serve the 1040-V payment voucher to cover the “Amount You Owe” liability indicated in the return forms for the previous year.

Traditionally the IRS offers three ways of providing the payment — in person, by mail, and electronically.

In-Person Transactions

In case you decide to pay by cash, the only manner to support the transaction is to pay in person. You should be registered at the IRS licensed transaction provider. Also, the transaction has a limit of 1,000 USD per day.

Electronic Transactions

Choose the preferred alternative to ensure safe electronic payments on time. Using the licensed IRS applications, you are empowered to schedule your return payments up to a month beforehand so that you won’t miss any transaction. The method also supports instant payment confirmations.

IRS Direct Pay

This method offers no charges for transactions. You are welcome to transfer the needed amount using your checking or savings account. It helps to control the scheduled transactions and immediate confirmations.

Debit or Credit Cards

IRS allows paying via credit and debit cards and requires no fees. Still, the licensed card processors collect charges for transactions. You are welcome to find more details on the IRS official site in the Payments section.

Money Order or a Check

To ensure this payment method, you need to follow the straightforward algorithm:

  • The amount should be payable to the “United States Treasury.”
  • Enter your full legal name, mailing address, and phone number on the transaction document (either order or check).
  • Insert the SSN or ITIN on all applicable lines.
  • Specify the Form used to prepare the return. Select from “2021 Form 1040,” “2021 Form 1040-SR,” or “2021 Form 1040-NR”. Include the referenced form name wherever it is requested throughout the check or money order.
  • Specify the amount in US dollars and cents on the right side of the order or check. Use the following example as a reference: $ 123.00. Avoid dashes, slashes, and lines.
  • Also, you need to serve the 1040-V statement. Follow the review to learn more about completing the referenced document.

Other IRS Forms for Individuals

Taxpayers who are required to make a payment to the IRS need to file Form 1040-V. Check what other IRS forms are mandatory for individuals.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 1040-V

Form 1040 Voucher should be filed along with the return and payment. It is vital not to staple or glue the document to other papers you report. Compile all required documents and keep them loose in the letter-cover. Serve to the applicable mailing address indicated in Unit 7 of our guide.

Begin with downloading the needed template by using the advanced form-building software we offer on our website. We provide the latest up-to-date PDF versions to help you search for the needed document rapidly.

Detach the template as recommended and follow the guide below to fill out the 1040 Voucher. The document must be printed or completed in a typewritten manner.

how to fill out irs form 1040 v

Specify the Preparer’s SSN

In this unit, the preparer should submit their Social Security number. If the voucher is completed jointly, the preparer fills out the SSN that is indicated first on the return paperwork.

step 1 specify the preparer’s ssn filling out an irs form 1040 v


Submit the Second SSN (If Applicable)

In case the return form is completed jointly by spouses, the preparer should also specify the second SSN in the referenced voucher. Enter the required data in slot 2.

step 2 submit the second ssn (if applicable) filling out an irs form 1040 v

Define the Funds You Submit

Here, you are encouraged to enter the total amount in US dollars and cents. Ensure to print or type the exact sum. If the number is even, please use “00” to indicate cents.

step 3 define the funds you submit filling out an irs form 1040 v

If you choose to pay online at the official IRS webpage, you shouldn’t complete the 1040 voucher.

Introduce Yourself

Up next, the applicant is offered to submit their legal first and last names and middle initial. If the spouses fill out the voucher jointly, let the preparer also identify the spouse’s first and last names and middle initial. If not applicable, leave the boxes designed for the spouse blank.

step 4 introduce yourself filling out an irs form 1040 v

Submit the Address (for U. S. Residents)

S. citizens should enter their mailing (living address), including the following:

  • Apartment number, house, and street
  • City
  • Domiciliary state
  • ZIP

The preparer should indicate the exact address location as used on the corresponding return form.

step 5 submit the address (for u. s. residents) filling out an irs form 1040 v

Define the Mailing Address (for Foreign Locations)

In case the preparers file documents from abroad or use a foreign mailing address, they need to submit the following info:

  • Apartment number, house, and street
  • City, town, or post office
  • Country name
  • Province, region, or county
  • Local postal code

Ensure to submit the same address, as indicated on the return form.

step 6 define the mailing address (for foreign locations) filling out an irs form 1040 v

Send the Payment

To mail the payment, both U. S. residents and foreign country citizens should reference their assigned IRS P. O. Box addresses. Below you can see the table of all territories with the correlating mailing locations.

step 7 send the payment filling out an irs form 1040 v