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IRS Form 4506-T

IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service — a governmental organization responsible for collecting and controlling taxes in the United States. Form 4506-T is the document you can use to request the transcript of your tax returns. It is one of the documents you need to fill out to get details about your taxation process.

Almost every person has faced some challenges filling this form. That is why we have prepared a short guide to help you cope with this complicated task.

When to Use the 4506-T Form?

You may need to file IRS Form 4506-T if you want to get comprehensive information about your tax returns for the current financial year. With this request form, you will be able to confirm your income rate and better understand the tax return content. Usually, people request their tax returns during data preprocessing before getting a loan or mortgage.

Who Needs to Fill Out the 4506-T Form?

Form 4506-T becomes useful when you need to prove your income rate to financial institutions, companies, or lenders. They have to check your financial situation to provide you a loan. It may also be practical to track your financial transactions during the year if you are unsure about your tax returns.

The form can be filed either by individuals or by the company’s authorized person. Make sure you have the rights of a taxpayer for signing this form. In the case of a joint request (for example, by spouses), multiple parties can sign the document.

To sign a business request, you will need to match the following criteria and be:

  • An authorized worker;
  • A person nominated by a governing body;
  • An employee providing attestation in a written form;
  • A shareholder (with 1% or more).

If you are an heir, a close relative, or an executor, you must provide supporting documents.

A representative should attach Form 2848 with a delegation of rights proof by the taxpayer.

Where to Send the 4506-T Form?

Choose the address from the table below based on the state you live in. If you have changed your physical address lately, please send the form to the last agency you have sent it to.

Here you will find the addresses for individuals (Form 1040 and W-2):

the addresses for individuals (form 1040 and w 2) filling out an irs form 4506 tAnd here are the addresses for all other corresponding requests:

the addresses for all other corresponding requests filling out an irs form 4506 t

Other IRS Forms for Corporations

A taxpayer can make various requests to the IRS, and the Form 4506-T is one of them. Check for other IRS forms that you might need for getting a loan, mortgage, or any other purposes.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 4506-T?

You should complete all the boxes for this form to be accepted. We will describe the filling process step by step. However, if you still have any problems, you can apply the self-help device on the governmental IRS website. You may use our form-building software tools to get the necessary form and fill it out online.

Please note that the automated self-help system is available only for individual taxpayers. To get a copy version of your tax return, call the number given in the form.

  • Introduce Yourself

Fill in your name and Social Security Number (SSN) as stated in the tax return into Boxes 1a and 1b. If you use this form for a joint tax return request, enter your spouse’s name and SSN into boxes 2a and 2b.

Enter EIN (employer identification number) in Box 1b if you are applying for business tax returns specification.

step 1 introduce yourself filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Provide Relevant Contact Info

Write your address in Box 3 with all the details listed in the description, including the information about your post box if you use it.

Use Box 4 in situations when your current address (in Box 3) does not match the address you stated in the last return form. Specify your previous address in this section. Additionally, fill out and send Form 8822 for personal return or 8822-B Form for business return if you have not done it since changing the address.

step 2 provide relevant contact info filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Enter Unique Customer’s Number

Enter the assigned unique file number in Box 5. This field is optional. Remember that this number should not contain SSN.

step 3 enter unique customer’s number filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Choose an Appropriate Tax Return Option

Box 6 requires entering your tax transcript. You can choose from 1120, 1065, 1041, and other tax forms according to a return’s purpose. You may use the 1040 series for individual requests. For business purposes, please enter the business tax return you have for the year.

Then, you need to choose the transcript type you need (6a or 6b or 6c) based on the kind of information you are requesting.

step 4 choose an appropriate tax return option filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Verification of Nonfilling

Check Box 7 if you want to get official proof of the tax return absence for the current financial year.

step 5 verification of nonfilling filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Options of the Request

Check Box 8 if you want to get the transcript of the returns in W-2, 1099, 1098, and 5498 forms. Please note that the requested information will be available only a year after filing. For example, the transcript for 2019 will be accessible only in 2021.

Pay special attention to the “Caution” field. The copies of the Forms W-2 and 1099 can be attached only after approval from a taxpayer.

step 6 options of the request filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Enter the Period of Requested Tax Return

Fill in the dates of the needed years’ endings in line 9 in the designated format. You can put here no more than four years. If you want the request for more than four years, add one more Form 4506-T. To get the quarterly return, fill in the ending dates of every quarter you need.

step 7 enter the period of requested tax return filling out an irs form 4506 t

  • Sign and date the Form

Check all requirements before signing the form. Put your signature in the line “Sign Here”. If the request is joint, the spouse should put a signature in the box “Spouse’s signature”. Fill in the firm’s name if the return is for a business. Enter the current date near your signature. Do not forget to mail the form not later than 120 days after signing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Get a Transcript?

Usually, it takes about ten working days to complete the transcript. However, you will need to wait for it to be delivered back to you. All in all, it takes not more than three weeks from the day you send a request to get your tax transcript.