We Support People with Disabilities by Providing Free Legal Forms Online

We Support People with Disabilities by Providing Free Legal Forms Online


Living with a disability is tough. It’s not something that everyone can relate to, yet, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in four Americans is battling a disability as an integral part of their life. This begs the question, are institutions and bureaucratic agencies responding to the need for special accommodation? Unfortunately, the answer is not as positive as one would hope for it to be.

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People with disabilities have as many responsibilities as anyone else. Much like the general population, they need to settle their rental agreements, car insurance, and all documents that accompany vehicle sales, as well as living will forms, DNR orders, and a number of medical paperwork. The discrepancy comes in the fact that people with disabilities experience many more difficulties when they set out to run these errands. In many cases, for example, when it comes to those with medical disabilities, there is a lot more paperwork required than the average healthy person would ever have to go through. This ends up causing distress and frustration, as well as costing time and money.

However, with the help of online documents and forms that carry the same legality as their paper counterpart, people with disabilities can settle all their needs from the comfort of their homes.

People with disabilities face more economic hurdles than the rest of the population

Unfortunately, people with disabilities don’t just have their physical ailments to take care of. They are often more financially disadvantaged than the general population.

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According to the American Psychological Association (APA), people with disabilities earn a median salary of $20,250 compared to the $30,469 received by those who identify as physically able. That’s a disparity of almost 30%, which is quite significant and hard to ignore. Not only that, but according to statistics, 70% of Americans who are blind or visually impaired to some degree are unemployed, as well as 80% of those who have educational and learning disabilities.

Legal work and attorney fees aren’t cheap, and having a lower income makes it all the more difficult for people with disabilities to get the care and service they need. Luckily, there is a large database of online resources that are making the preparation of legal documents and fillable PDF forms much more affordable and, in many cases, even free of charge.

Now, people with disabilities are able to find anything they need online, from inheritance documentation to real estate agreements at zero cost. They can simply fill out the forms online and direct them to the appropriate institution without having to pay hundreds of dollars to attorneys.

Quite frequently, because of their disadvantaged status, people with disabilities receive supplemental income from the government, which requires an extra layer of paperwork. By using online forms, they can take care of the recurrent documents that need to be submitted month by month to ease their lives.

People with disabilities often face inequality in terms of education as well.

In a study focused on individuals 65 years old and older, researchers found that 25.1% of those with a nonsevere and 38.6% of those with a severe disability never finished high school.

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Having to deal with dense legal jargon can be confusing, exhausting, and frustrating. The good news is that most if not all legal forms and documents online usually come with detailed instructions on how to be filled out, submitted, and used properly. That extra education puts power and gives agency back to those who need it most. That way, people with disabilities no longer have to feel deterred and give up on their goals simply because of the complex legal terminology that documents are laden with.

Reduced mobility can make legal errands a challenge

The problem with legal services and forms isn’t just that they are expensive. Most of them require people to physically go to an institution in order to get assistance. While this may seem annoying to the average person, to somebody who’s hard at moving, having to metaphorically jump through hoops and wait in lines could be extremely distressing.

Sadly, there are still institutions that aren’t equipped with the appropriate ramps and equipment to accommodate disabled individuals. While the prevalence of wheelchair ramps is increasing, it’s not enough to help the millions of affected individuals.

Not only that, but waiting in line at the DMV, the courthouse, or any other institution for those who are legally deaf and blind could be a traumatic experience.

Sometimes, US citizens with disabilities actually speak Spanish as a first language. In such cases, there isn’t anybody able to help at the government institution, especially if it’s located in a more rural area.

By using online documents and forms, people with disabilities can save themselves plenty of discomfort, anxiety, and worries. They can find all the resources they need right on their personal computer at home and obtain instructions in their preferred language.

This way, they won’t have to wait in line and feel anxious every time some paperwork is required.

How can online documents and forms be used?

Online documents and forms are the digital alternatives to their paper versions. For every paper document out there, a digital form can be found online. By signing electronically, the individual filling out and submitting the form is agreeing to the same terms and agreements that they do when they sign the paper version. Essentially, online documents and forms are just as good as the paper alternative.

Another added benefit is that using online forms helps reduce paper waste tremendously, which is very much needed in the global current climate.

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Some of the forms related to people with disabilities include:

Online documents are available for use by anyone regardless of location, gender, and nationality. There are a few major databases online, such as FormsPal, where people can find thousands of forms, from the most widely used varieties to the lesser-known but equally important documents.

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Published: Aug 3, 2022