We Support Minorities by Providing Free Legal Forms Online

We Support Minorities by Providing Free Legal Forms Online


It is no secret that discrimination and unequal treatment permeate society in many of its layers. Legal paperwork is no exception. While everyone needs to have fundamental legal arrangements in place, such as a will of inheritance, real estate insurance, power of attorney in case of an emergency, and rental agreements, minorities are at a disadvantage when it comes to paying high attorney fees, taking time off their demanding jobs, and dealing with pre-tenancy issues.

Discrimination among minorities is based on sexual, religious, gender, and racial bias across the board.

Luckily, there is more awareness being raised regarding those issues with time, and the hardship of minorities is being recognized. One way in which these groups can gain an equal footing is by using online documents and forms for their legal necessities.

Online documents and forms are a cheaper, faster alternative to the original and ultimately eliminate the element of discrimination as minorities often don’t have to show up in person to settle these matters.

But, the problem with requiring minorities to show up in person in order to take care of legal issues is two-fold.

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On one hand, most minorities hold blue-collar jobs that have very inflexible schedules and do not allow them to leave in the middle of the day to go to an institution or to take a day off. By being able to complete online documents from the comfort of their own home, minorities can rest assured that their needs are taken care of without having to change their schedule or request unpaid vacation days.

The other issue with having to show up personally to do paperwork is that there may be language barriers. Being put on the spot at an English-speaking agency while speaking another language as somebody’s first can be a nerve-wracking and distressing experience.

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Online documents are often available in multiple languages, making it easier to assimilate information without having to find or hire a translator and eliminating possible awkwardness.

Minorities experience financial issues with legal help

Pay equality has been a struggle for decades, often based on gender, ethnicity, and race.

According to an investigation by Forbes Magazine, resumes featuring names that sounded Caucasian were 20 percent more likely to be selected for review than their Latino and black-sounding counterparts. Not only that, but minorities got paid less as well. Forbes points out how white women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to white men, while black women earn 64 cents, and Latinas get only 55 cents on the dollar.

Things don’t get much better when investigating the C-suite, where black women make up only one percent of corporate officers.

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The pay gap makes it unequivocally harder for minorities to afford expensive legal services. The price of preparing a living will, for example, varies between $250 and $500. For somebody whose median income is $31,500 a year before tax, that’s a steep price to pay for just one component of all the documents that are needed. Then, there’s car insurance, real estate insurance, setting up a power of attorney, and a whole lot more.

Innovative companies have taken note of the financial burden and have now started providing online documents and forms completely free of charge or at a minimal cost. Now, anybody, regardless of their race, gender, and ethnicity, can access high-quality legal documents and forms and prepare all they need without breaking the bank.

Attorney fees are steep and can range anywhere from $100 per hour to $400 and more. With online forms and documents, financially disadvantaged minorities can save a great deal of money by referring to a vast digital database that offers high-quality documents that come with detailed instructions on how to be filled out, signed, and submitted.

Minorities deal with a multitude of pre-tenancy issues

Minorities are not only at a financial disadvantage but also put in a tough spot when it comes to securing accommodation. Pre-tenancy issues among minority groups are not at all uncommon.

Due to discrimination based on race and ethnicity, all too many landlords require additional payments in the form of “deposits” as well as a co-signer and a guarantor. Some flat out reject minorities as tenants.

This is why it’s crucial to have a clear contract in place when renting out a home as a minority.

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Now, anyone is able to obtain a professionally-made rental agreement online for free, ensuring that they are protected against eviction or unlawful withholding of any payment or deposit by the landlord.

There are various rental agreements depending on whether the tenant is using only half of a house or apartment or the whole thing. Furthermore, the condition of the rental property needs to be listed out in great detail so that tenants don’t incur charges for damages they did not cause.

Unfortunately, some landlords try to take advantage of minority tenants because they know that finding a home is more difficult for them, so they raise the rental price and ask them to sign contracts that don’t include enough clauses to protect the tenant.

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This is why it is crucial for minorities to do their research and know which clauses exactly they need to insist upon so that they don’t end up being scammed or extorted. Luckily, there is a wealth of knowledge online that is there to educate minorities on how they ought to be treated by landlords and what they should and should not sign.

Even though the world is evolving rapidly and becoming more tolerant and inclusive, there is still discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. With the help of technology, these issues are becoming easier to eradicate. As technology boosts development on a global scale, it is also setting the stage for a world where equal treatment is soon to become a reality. Knowing and being able to protect one’s rights is fundamental for any human.

Thanks to online documents and forms, minorities no longer have to suffer unlawful exploitation and rejection and can take advantage of many more opportunities for themselves and their families.
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Published: Jul 25, 2022