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About Us – A Message from
Congressman Ron Paul

Dear friend of liberty,

You can make a difference.

Three years ago, a small group of men and women, united by their determination to restore liberty in the United States, formed The Liberty Committee.  These men and women recognized that socialists have, for decades, been actively involved in our national legislative process; patiently, methodically, relentlessly working to make us subjects of the government, instead of the government being subject to us.  The founding members of The Liberty Committee came together to fight these collectivists and reclaim our country from their clutches.

The national legislative process, I readily admit, can be complicated, frustrating and boring.  The socialists, however, do not let this deter them from their objective.  They understand that the legislative process produces the laws that we, believers in the rule of law, live by.  Several years ago, a brazen socialist looked at me and quipped, “We know you freedom lovers respect the rule of law…and that’s why we use the law against you.”

We freedom lovers are fighting back!  Since the formation of The Liberty Committee, thousands of freedom lovers from every congressional district in the country have become actively involved with us in the national legislative process.  Sixteen of my U.S. House colleagues have joined my liberty caucus.  Together we are making a difference.

Only last month legislation was quickly moving through the House Committee on International Relations that would have accelerated the transformation of the United States military into the standing army of the United Nations – a long-sought goal of the world socialists.  As a member of the committee, I strongly opposed the legislation as did thousands of freedom lovers throughout the country who told their U.S. representative “the US military is NOT the UN’s military.”  The legislation was changed.  Battle won.

The success we will have in rolling back the socialists’ authoritarian agenda is yet to be determined.  You have a part in the outcome.  You can join us.  Then, together with my caucus of liberty-minded colleagues on Capitol Hill and freedom-loving Americans nationwide, you can have an effect on the legislative process.  As our numbers grow, so grows our influence.

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