California Lease Termination Form (60-day Notice)

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant in California is regulated by the California Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, and Federal statutes on housing and urban development matters. To terminate a rental agreement, the landlord can use a 60-day Termination Notice. This rule only applies when a tenant has rented the premises for over a year (paragraph 1946.1 of the CA Civil Code).

California rental lease agreement forms – discover more about rental lease agreements related to different things in the State of California.

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Choosing a suitable lease agreement depends on a lot of factors. Tenants opt for either a general lease or a month-to-month agreement. While the first one will be most suitable for those interested in a long-term rent contract, the latter will be better for people looking for a temporary shelter. There is no standard form for the agreement, but it should contain essential details, rights, and responsibilities of both sides, including:

  • The names and other personal data of the landlord and the tenant
  • The physical address of the premises
  • The rental amount and its due date (including other details of payment)
  • Information on any fees applicable for agreement violation
  • The security deposit information (purpose and returning policy)
  • The landlord’s rules regarding pets
  • The number of tenants allowed to stay in the facility
  • Attorney’s fees responsibility in case of a lawsuit
  • Responsibility for repairs and territory maintenance (if applicable)

This is not the full list of the essential contents of a lease agreement. Check for appendixes and additional information related to the state regulation (like California Flood Disclosure and Proposition 65 Warning).

Upon expiry, a general lease agreement may become a mon-to-month tenancy if the landlord approves. Any lease agreement may be terminated before its expiration date by either party by giving a 30-day notice. However, only the landlord can unilaterally terminate the lease by a 60-day eviction notice.

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How to Write a California Termination Notice

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According to local laws, only the landlord is entitled to terminate the tenancy by sending a 60-day eviction notice to the residents. In this case, a unilateral agreement termination procedure would be launched.

The law protects the tenant as well: the landlord cannot ask them to vacate the unit without a lawful reason. Usually, only a serious lease agreement violation leads to termination.

The landlord must present the notice in a written form. The notice is a vital part of a landlord-tenant legal relationship. So, it is essential to follow all the instructions and recommendations.

Start filling out the form in the following order:

  • Indicate the name of your real estate agent (if applicable);
  • Enter your full name and contact information (E-mail address, phone number);
  • Enter the full address of the subject property;
  • Provide the full name(s) of the tenant(s) the notice is addressed to;
  • Insert the date of the Lease Agreement Termination;
  • Estimate and insert the date that is at least 60 days after the delivery date. This will be the last compliance date;
  • Enter the monthly rent amount and the payment due date;
  • Set the amount and returning conditions of the security deposit;
  • Indicate the reason for termination;
  • Insert the date of the notice completion;
  • Provide the landlord’s or the agent’s signature;
  • Leave contact information for the person who signed the document.

A notice to vacate the property shall be delivered to the tenant by first-class mail to the subject premises or by personal delivery. Sometimes, landlords tend to leave the document taped to the door or in other noticeable places. A tenant, in turn, needs to acknowledge receipt of the notice.

Published: Dec 24, 2020