Illinois Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice)

The Illinois Lease Termination Letter is a type of formal form that can be drawn up by both the landlord and the tenant. Your form will help keep everyone involved in the monthly rental process secure. A monthly lease of premises is one of the most popular and demanded types of the lease of premises, but this type of lease can result in a sudden loss of regular payments from the tenant for the landlord. When completing the letter, make sure you comply with the Illinois Compiled Statutes (Code of Civil Procedure, Chapter 735 5/9-209).

The tenant with this type of lease agreement template risks losing his place of residence suddenly, which can also entail a lot of problems and difficulties. That is why when drawing up a lease letter, it is mandatory to indicate the need to draw up the Lease Termination Letter before terminating the lease of the premises.

Illinois rental lease agreement forms – access more rental lease agreement forms for Illinois along with directions.

Lease termination letter in Illinois State

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In Illinois, a Lease Termination Letter must state that the lease will end 30 days or more after the Illinois Lease Termination Letter completion. This period will provide enough time for both the landlord and the tenant to find new tenants or a place of residence, respectively.

Once the Illinois Lease Termination Letter has been drawn up, the form must be sent to the recipient promptly so that the recipient receives the form on time.

When drafting and submitting the Illinois Lease Termination Letter, it is recommended that a reliable witness be present to subsequently have proof that the form was submitted and completed in a timely manner.

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How to Fill Out the Form

Below you will find information on how to create and fill out the Illinois Lease termination letter yourself.

1. Download the Illinois Lease Termination Letter

Download the document on our website to fill it out electronically or print it out and fill it out in writing. You can download the document in any format that suits you. To ensure the best result, use our form-building software.

2. Determine Who the Tenant And the Landlord Are

Enter the full legal names of all tenants or the landlords at the very top of the Illinois Lease termination letter.

3. Enter the Location of the Property

The next step in completing The Illinois  Lease termination letter is to determine the exact address of the property to be rented. In this section of the document, the landlord or the tenant must enter the full legal address of the rented premises, indicating the state, city, street, building number, and room number.

4. Determine the End Date of the Lease

By law, the landlord is obliged to give tenants at least 30 days before they must leave the property that is being rented. The check-out date will be the date on which tenants must leave the property at the latest. The warning must be delivered to tenants in a timely manner so that tenants have enough time to leave the property.

5. Enter the Date of Notification

After the date of the lease is determined, you must indicate the date of the document. This step is necessary to be able to prove that the warning was issued 30 days or more before the checkout date.

6. Sign the Document

To complete the creation of The Illinois  Lease termination letter, the landlord or the tenant needs to put a free signature in the bottom column “Signature”. The landlord or tenant also needs to print his full legal name in block letters.

7. Deliver the Document to the Tenant or Landlord

The Illinois  Lease termination letter must be delivered to tenants or the landlord as soon as possible from the moment of registration. You should also make sure that the tenant or landlord is aware that an eviction warning has been delivered. This step is necessary so that later the tenant or landlord cannot challenge the fact of receiving the warning in court.

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Published: Dec 24, 2020