Chicago Special Residential Lease Agreement Form

A federative form of government allows the states to manage certain social regulation objectives themselves depending on local needs and demands. Rental relations are not an exception. But not only states have different legal procedures when it comes to the rental process. Some big cities have their own norms and laws as well.

Chicago city, Illinois, is a great example. The municipality has passed additional statutes to facilitate residential lease procedures. The landlord-tenant relations are regulated by the Municipal Code of Chicago (Chapter 5-12). Thus, all residential lease agreement templates have to comply with its norms and requirements.

Illinois rental lease agreement templates – download more rental lease agreement templates for Illinois with guidelines.

Chicago Special Residential Lease Agreement

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A typical Chicago Residential Lease Agreement has fewer sections the parties can negotiate than a usual lease agreement. The contract also comes with several information disclosures that both sides have to acknowledge. Local municipal authorities created standardization procedures that would help create a transparent and equal legal commitment, benefitting both the tenant and the landlord.

There is a peculiarity to this type of agreement worth mentioning. Once you sign a Chicago lease agreement, be aware that it will be notoriously difficult to terminate it before its expiration date. Of course, the city laws make an exception for situations when a domestic violence act or an assault occurs. These imperatives help make sure that both sides will fulfill their obligations faithfully for the entire agreement term.

Other than that, a Chicago lease agreement covers a vast range of topics, starting from security deposit policies to utilities and liability. Thus, by verifying their consent, the parties may indeed enjoy a mutually beneficial contract.

Chicago Special Residential Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Chicago Special Residential Lease Agreement Form
Other Names Chicago Apartment Lease, Chicago Rental Lease
Relevant Laws Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 765, Section 705
Avg. Time to Fill Out 20 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 197
Available Formats Adobe PDF

How to Fill Out a Chicago Special Residential Lease

You will need the right form to draw up a lease agreement. You may use legal advice for these purposes. However, we can help you save your time. Just use our latest software developments to build the necessary agreement form online.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a Special Chicago Lease Agreement form. Start inserting the information in the following order:

  • The document begins with a row of boxes. Fill them in one by one with the necessary information. Enter the date of the agreement, then the lease term, then monthly payment, and security deposit amount.
    Step 1 to filling out a chicago special residential lease boxes
  • Give the parties’ details. The next step will require filling in the lessor and the lessee’s personal data, including their full names, physical addresses (street, building, apartment number, city, state, and ZIP code). Contact information might be required, as well. If the landlord wants to assign a person who would be able to act on their behalf, they should fill in the data in respective boxes. If the tenant is not planning to live alone, they should fill in the data of the authorized occupants.
    Step 2 to filling out a chicago special residential lease form parties
  • Get acquainted with the Notice of Conditions Affecting Habitability section. Read it carefully and put your written initials as the sign of agreement.
    Step 3 to filling out a chicago special residential lease sample initials
  • The next section is dedicated to any further acknowledgments made by the lessee. Insert the date of receiving respective documents from the lessor’s side. Enter the subject premises address in the blank box and double-check all the materials received. This section has a binding effect. That is why it has to be sealed by the signature of both parties.
    Step 4 to filling out a chicago special residential lease template acknowledgements
  • The next couple of pages contains Lease Covenants and Agreements. They are, basically, the rights and responsibilities of the lessor and the lessee according to Chicago and Illinois laws. Each side shall review these pages very carefully, as they are not subject to change.
  • As you have reached page three of the contract, pay attention to the Assignment by Lessor. Enter the full name of the lessee and the agreement date. Then put both signatures in the relevant boxes.
    Step 6 to filling out a chicago special residential lease example lessor assignment
  • The Guarantee section is meant for the lessee. By signing this section, they guarantee to pay the rent in time and maintain the premises in good condition during the lease term. This shall require the current date of the lease and the appropriate seals.
    Step 7 to filling out a chicago special residential lease agreement guarantee
  • The final section of the agreement contains the Summary of Ordinance. The checklist is to be attached to each residential lease agreement, as required by the state of Illinois.

Try to pay special attention to the details, and you will avoid many unpleasant situations. As we already mentioned, the tenant-landlord relations should be beneficial for both sides, so make sure the opposite side takes your preferences into account.

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Create a free high quality Chicago Special Residential Lease Agreement online now!
Published: Jun 16, 2022