New York Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice)

Rental relations in the New York State are regulated by the 2018 New York Laws. To be precise, the basic information on this can be found in Article 7. The main document containing all the details on the rental agreement is the New York Residential Lease Agreement. This agreement summarizes all regulations, rules, and New York state laws. It serves to protect both the tenant and the landlord throughout all their rental relations.

When rental relations are about to end (as it always happens to all rental contracts), New York state laws control this lease termination process, too. All regulations and conditions on the termination of the rental relations are established in the New York Real Property Law and can be found in chapters 220-238 of Article 7.

New York rental lease agreement forms – learn more about rental lease agreements used for different property types in New York.

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As stated in Article 7 of the New York Consolidated Laws, Real Property Law (RPP), the landlord can initiate the lease termination process in the following cases:

  • Late payment. If you don’t pay your rent on time, the landlord may send you a termination notice. If you ignore it and still don’t pay, the landlord has a right to ask you to move out.
  • Violation of a lease. Violating some provisions of a lease agreement without improving the situation could lead to eviction.
  • Expiration of the agreement. When a lease comes to an end, the landlord might ask you to move out without any specific reason.
  • Illegal keeping of pets. According to your lease agreement, if you cannot keep a pet, and you go ahead and keep it, the landlord can ask you to displace it. If you don’t do it, the landlord has a right to ask you to leave together with your pet.

If you’re a tenant, you also have reasons and opportunities to terminate the lease agreement with your landlord. For this, download and fill out the New York lease termination letter template.

The lease termination letter is a legal document regulated by New York state laws. The tenant or the landlord uses it to notify the other party of the need to move out.

New York Lease Termination Form Details

Document Name New York Lease Termination Form
Other Names New York 30-day Notice to Vacate, New York Lease Termination Notice
Relevant Laws New York Consolidated Laws, RPP Section 232-B
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 35
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free high quality New York Lease Termination online now!

How to Fill Out the New York State Lease Termination Letter Template

You can use our form-building software to fill out the lease termination letter template there. Or you can follow the instructions and do it yourself. It’s easy.

1. Choose Whether You’re the Tenant or the Landlord

If you’re a landlord, write the date of completing the lease termination letter in the day-month-year format. Also, enter the date of the lease termination. Please note that it can’t be less than one month from the next rent payment date.

Step 1 to filling out a new york lease termination letter from landlord

If you’re a tenant, write down the date of receiving the notice to move out in the day-month-year format. Enter the date of your lease termination in the day-month-year format. Note that it must be at least one month from the date of your next rent payment.

Also, fill in the template with your address (for receiving the security deposit), city, state, and zip code.

2. Provide a Signature

That party sending the notice must append a signature. After that, the sending party has to deliver a copy of the notice to the receiving party.
Step 2 to filling out a new york lease termination template signature

Published: Jul 29, 2022