Florida Commercial Lease Agreement Form

As you probably already know, the regulation of the rental relations differs from state to state and depending on the free lease agreement type. A commercial lease implies that the tenant (the lessee) will use the landlord’s (lessor) property for commercial rather than residential purposes. Their legal term is the lessor.

A commercial lease agreement acts to safeguard both parties. On the one hand, the lessor must make sure they have chosen a law-abiding and trustworthy lessee. They must ensure a steady income and security to their premises. On the other hand, lessees have to ensure their rights are protected because commercial premises are not entitled to the same protection as residential homes.

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Commercial lease agreements can be remarkably flexible, which is beneficial for both parties. Thus, the negotiation process always requires honesty and trust from both sides. When entering into such a deal, make your expectations realistic, and acknowledge the other partner’s right to get benefits, too.

When negotiating the contract, it is crucial to ask the right questions. Try to find out if the subject property is meant for commercial use only and if the sublease option is available. Look for any conditions that might create unnecessary obstacles for the running of your business and discuss them with the potential landlord.

Meanwhile, the landlord can insist on putting conditions directed at protecting their property on the table. Any significant damage caused to the property by the tenant can negatively affect further commercial lease and even put it at risk, and no one would want that.

In Florida, commercial landlord-tenant relations are regulated by the Florida Statutes and municipal and federal norms. All parties getting into a commercial lease agreement must comply or face penalties.

Florida Commercial Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Florida Commercial Lease Agreement Form
Other Name FL Commercial Lease Agreement
Relevant Laws Florida Statutes, Title VI, Chapter 83, Part II
Avg. Time to Fill Out 17 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 96
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Florida Commercial Lease Agreement template in PDF.

How to Fill Out a Florida Commercial Lease Agreement

You will need a special template to fill out the Florida Commercial Lease Agreement. You can find one online or use legal assistance. For your convenience, we suggest you use our finest software tools to build any template you need.

Once you have the agreement form, you need to fill it out in compliance with all legal procedures. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Insert the current date in the first blank space.
    Step 1 to filling out a florida commercial lease date
  • Enter the lessor’s full name and physical address.
    Step 2 to filling out a florida commercial lease form lessor name and address
  • Enter the lessee’s name and physical address.
    Step 3 to filling out a florida commercial lease sample lessee name and address
  • Describe the commercial premises as indicated.
    Step 4 to filling out a florida commercial lease example premises
  • Indicate the purpose and conditions for the use of the premises (for the lessor only).
    Step 5 to filling out a florida commercial lease form purpose and conditions
  • Establish the lease term, renewal options, and the rent payment base.
    Step 6 to filling out a florida commercial lease template term, renewal options, etc
  • List all the necessary operating expenses.
    Step 7 to filling out a florida commercial lease form operating expenses
  • Fill in information about the security deposit and its returning policy.
    Step 8 to filling out a florida commercial lease sample security deposit
  • Read the lease obligations, insurance coverage, bankruptcy, damage, and default sections carefully.
  • Remember to sign the document in two copies and get an acknowledgment from the Notary Public.
    Step 10 to filling out a florida blank commercial lease signature

How you fill out this form is very important as the success for both sides depends highly on its contents. Provided you do proper legal research in advance and follow all our recommendations, you shall have no difficulty dealing with any commercial lease problem or situation that comes your way.

Published: Aug 1, 2022