Washington Lease Termination Form (20-day Notice)

The Washington lease termination agreement is a 20-day warning notice used to terminate a lease agreement. This form contains information from the landlord that the tenant’s lease will end after 20 days. This document compilation and all related procedures are regulated by the Washington Revised Code Annotated (Chapter 59).

This form is created for the purpose of informing tenants to leave their rented premises within 20 days. If tenants do not leave the premises after 20 days or less, an eviction order may be issued to tenants.

Washington rental lease agreement forms – this particular page will let you discover more about other rental lease agreements useful in Washington.

Lease termination agreement Washington

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Washington Lease Termination Form Details

Document Name Washington Lease Termination Form
Other Names Washington 20-day Notice to Vacate, Washington Lease Termination Notice
Relevant Laws Washington Revised Code, Section 59.18.200
Avg. Time to Fill Out 5 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 8
Available Formats Adobe PDF

How to Fill Out the Form

Read on to familiarize yourself with the comprehensive guide on filling out the Washington Lease Termination Agreement:

1. Obtain the Lease Termination Agreement Form

You can download the template of the form online and fill it out in written form or use the form-building software we provide on our website to embrace simplicity, accuracy, and full legitimacy of the operation.

2. Define the Tenants

Input the full legal names of all tenants at the very top of the Washington lease termination agreement.
Step 2 to filling out a washington lease termination tenants

3. Specify the Location of the Property

As the next stage of the form completion, the creator should specify the current address of the property item that is to be rented. In this part of the lease termination letter, the landlord must indicate the full legal address of the rented household. They also must include the information concerning the state, sity, name of the street, number of the house and/or rented room.
Step 3 to filling out a washington lease termination form property location

4. Determine the End Date of the Lease

As is indicated by Washington state law, tenants have the right a 20-days notice on the part of the landlord: they should leave the rented territory within the specified period. The date of the check-out indicated by the landlord indicates the final day of the tenants staying within the rented premises. Timely given, the 20-days notice ensures the propriety of the operation and fits both parties of the rental contract.
Step 4 to filling out a washington lease termination sample end date

5. Enter the Date of Notification

Once the lease actual date has been specified, the document needs being dated by the creator. Such a precaution will serve as proof that the notice is given within the specified period of 20 days.
Step 5 to filling out a washington lease termination example notification date

6. Sign the Document

As the final step on the path to filling out the Washington Lease Agreement form, the bottom column of the document must be marked with a landlord’s signature. To suffice the completion of the letter, the landlord should write their full legal name. The writing should present in block letters.
Step 6 to filling out a washington lease termination template signature

7. Deliver the Document to Tenants

As the required operations are through, the landlord should deliver the document to their tenants without delay, right after the registration is over. Landlords should ensure that the tenants have received the 20-days notice and are ready to move out. This final step is of crucial importance and minimizes chances of challenge and court arguments on the part of the tenants.

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Create a free high quality Washington Lease Termination Form online now!
Published: Jun 10, 2022