Washington Non-compete Agreement Template

The Washington Non-Compete Agreement contains conditions and requirements that a potential employee must accept if they want to be hired. In most cases, companies and their employers do not want to compromise their company’s confidentiality by disseminating its private information. The NCA serves this purpose and keeps the company’s secrets within its staff only.

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In general, Washington State Statutes do not directly deal with or regulate the terms of non-compete covenants. Local employers usually use a non-compete agreement template to prevent the engagement of their companies in undesirable actions. For example, if a company hires a new top manager to improve its working efficiency, and then this particular person gets a similar position in a rival company, they would cause significant damage to the previous employer’s business. It is especially dangerous if this manager finds out all the weak spots of the former potential employer and helps the competitor turn these shortcomings in their favor to compete in the market.

The Non-Compete Agreement includes several essential profits for both the company and the potential employee:

  • Trusting relations among the company workers
  • Transparency of professional relations
  • Non-proliferation and protection of trade secrets
  • The ability to hire employees without any secrets and fears
  • Goodwill and reputation preservation

The main restriction imposed on an employee is to carry out activities and provide services to another similar company without the written consent of the current or former employer. The employee must also not provide similar services to the company’s clients (both former and current) outside the framework of the company’s business activities, nor can they work for a competing company. During the employment and for a particular time after the employment contract termination (specified in the agreement), the recipient must strictly comply with all the NCA terms and conditions.

The Washington Non-Compete Agreement comes into force after the effective date or after the termination of the recipient’s work or any other business relationships with the employer.

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A lot of enterprises frequently prefer to restrict their employees from sharing commercial secrets with the company’s competing firms once the employment comes to an end. Different US states have different restrictions and policies involving non-compete clauses. Here are some of the most requested regional NCAs looked up by the users of this site.

Washington NCA Laws and Restrictions

As mentioned earlier, there are no laws or regulations regarding NCA in the state of Washington. If the employee is being dismissed without a lawful reason or the non-compete agreement was concluded on or after December 31, 2005, the NCA is automatically recognized as invalid throughout the state.

Please note that there is a list of specific professions exempt from signing (or being bound to sign) non-competes in different states. Thus, in the State of Washington, the law provides limited restrictions for broadcasters in certain circumstances.

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Published: Jul 9, 2022
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