New Jersey Non-compete Agreement Template

Running a business organization always comes alongside rivalry. Protecting your products, developmental and experimental work, and other confidential information is essential. Therefore, sensible Companies create a non-compete agreement template. Such a paper ensures that all materials the Recipient is about to get access to will not be used against the Company either during their partnership or after the agreement comes to an end.

New Jersey Non-Compete Agreement Form

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Create a free high quality New Jersey Non-compete Agreement online now!

The contract consists of four pages with a number of fillable fields and describes the types of data the Company does not wish its employees to share.

The Recipient is asked not to:

  • Produce similar to the Company’s or use its manufacturing methods and techniques
  • Initiate business activities with the current Company’s clients
  • Partner with the other companies providing similar services or goods
  • Engage in business with the other Company’s staff members

The contract also restrains the Recipient from revealing confidential information about the Company, usually implying keeping in secret:

  • The Company’s inventions, processes, and plans
  • Computer programs and databases
  • Lists of current customers, business partners, and sponsors
  • Vendors’ and suppliers’ names
  • Marketing tools, analyses, and financial reports
  • And all other business-related data that might be used against the Company.

Nevertheless, this info is allowed to be shared when needed with the organization’s staff members, including its agents, affiliates, directors, or other employees.

Both parties agree upon the time within which the paper remains effective. They also indicate the date when the Recipient becomes liable for the terms of this contract, which may be the date of appending signatures or the date when the partnership relations between the parties are terminated.

Popular Local NCA Forms

After the relationship between a worker and company concludes, the latter might want the former to sign a non-compete, known as “non-compete clause (NCC),” to keep their sensitive information from being being exposed to their rivals. The following are the state NCA forms our visitors read about most often.

The Company is responsible for informing the Recipient immediately they disclose any confidential data. The Recipient is obliged to reimburse all losses and damages caused to the Company in case the proprietary information is revealed to the third party without the Company’s written consent.

After the contract, the Recipient needs to return all the Company’s documents and materials, both original and duplicates.

The New Jersey Non-Compete Agreement is considered valid right after both parties print their names, sign, and date the paper.

New Jersey NCA Laws and Restrictions

No specific statute governs NCAs in New Jersey. However, according to N.J.A.C. 13:42-10.16, in-house counsels and psychologists are exempted from coming into such an agreement.

The paper is considered legal if its purpose, provisions, geographical scope, and duration are established clearly.

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Published: Jun 19, 2022
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