Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement Template

When hiring a new person, the company’s representatives understand they need to share confidential information. To do so in the company’s interests, the responsible people ask a potential worker to sign a Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement.

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Create a free high quality Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement online now!

Hereunder, you will find some more information on what a standard Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement is about:

  • A Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement is an agreement between a worker and an economic unit.
  • A Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement protects the confidential information of that subject economic unit shared with a new staff member.
  • By signing the non-compete agreement template, the new staff member agrees not to misuse the received confidential data, including business tactics, trade secrets, proprietary data, and company secrets.
  • The new worker confirms they will not transmit the received confidential data to third parties within the period or a specific geographical range established in the non-compete contract. They will not be able to do it while working in the company and after the contract’s termination or expiration.
  • The subject economic unit prohibits a new staff member from sharing confidential data on social media and other information outlets.

Popular Local NCA Forms

Non-compete contracts are recognized and enforced to a varying extent by most US states, making them fairly popular among a large number of businesses. Find out more about the most popular states searched by our visitors with regards to non-compete agreements.

A Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement allows business entities to ensure that no one except trusted people have access to their trade secrets, business practices, and other confidential data. A Massachusetts Non-compete Agreement signed both by the business entity and the new employee implies that no third parties or competitors will be able to receive this confidential data from current or former workers of that particular business entity.

Massachusetts NCA Laws and Restrictions

At the moment, there are no existing laws regulating non-compete relationships in the state of Massachusetts. This means that economic entities have more power and freedom to act on the market and establish rules of such relationships by themselves. However, this does not mean their requirements must be inadequate in any way, as they still must comply with the Massachusetts state laws.

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Published: May 7, 2022
Jennifer M. Settles
Jennifer M. Settles
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