Massachusetts Bill of Sale Form

Massachusetts bill of sale is a necessary form in any transaction involving transferring specific personal property from one person to another. The parties might create the document when they sell and buy machinery, furniture, automobiles, tractors, bicycles, livestock, or art pieces.

You may not know how the document acts, but our guide can explain all the necessary points. You will also find various bill of sale forms designed for Massachusetts and tailored for different items. You can also easily craft a personalized document using our document builder. Additionally, there is an official bill of sale that you can use in the state provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It’s possible to use the official Massachusetts bill of sale provided by the Massachusetts department of motor vehicles. The document requests details about the motor vehicle, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), purchase price, and basic information about the seller and buyer. Unlike other states, Massachusetts does not require a bill of sale if the title is available.


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Document Details

Document Name Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Massachusetts Car Bill of Sale, Massachusetts Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee $30-60 (electric car – $60)
Bill of Sale Required? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 14

Massachusetts Bill of Sale Forms by Type

Massachusetts bill of sale forms transfer ownership of personal property from one party to another for a specific amount of money. The document is usually duplicated so that both the buyer and the vendor can access it and note the deal’s specifics. Original signatures are attached to establish a legal document and serve as evidence of the title transition. Depending on the property’s characteristics, there may be different bills of sale, and you will find one that suits your needs on this page.

Massachusetts motor vehicle bill of sale template

Massachusetts bill of sale for a vehicle is vital for buyers when they have to register their newly purchased cars in the state registration agency. All vehicles must be registered within ten days after the purchase. The registration should be renewed every year or two years, depending on the license type. Registration can be renewed online or via mail.

Alternative Name Car Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Required
Notarization Optional
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Massachusetts boat bill of sale template

Massachusetts bills of sale for boats help properly register the vessel and ensure the safety of the transaction for both parties. The state requires new owners to register their vessels within 20 days after they are acquired. The boat registration can be renewed by mail or at one of the registration offices in Massachusetts.

Alternative Name Vessel Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Required
Notarization Optional
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Massachusetts firearm bill of sale template

Massachusetts bills of sale for firearms establish a formal change of ownership and include the description of the gun as well as details about the parties. The private sale of firearms in Massachusetts is prohibited unless a person has a Firearms Dealer License. Those who want to purchase a gun should obtain a Firearms Identification Card from the local municipal police department. However, specific categories of people are prohibited from buying firearms by law.

Alternative Name Gun Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Optional
Notarization Optional
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Massachusetts general bill of sale template

In a general form, you can outline the details of the transfer of any personal property.

Alternative Name Generic Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Optional
Notarization Optional
Download PDF Template

How to Write a MA Vehicle Bill of Sale

Massachusetts bill of sale for a vehicle is a document that records the legal vehicle’s sale and is needed when it’s time to register the vehicle in question. Massachusetts vehicle bill of sale forms do not have to be notarized, but both parties may choose to notarize documents to authenticate the transaction further.

The Massachusetts bill of sale for a vessel and vehicle is the official form recognized on the statutory level. This document is completed during the transaction between the seller and the buyer to legally bind the private sale. Here are simple steps to fill the form with no mistakes.

Step 1.

Indicate the date when the deal occurred in the section Date of Sale.

step 1 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale date

Step 2.

Type in the amount of money the seller and buyer agree upon for the transaction of the vehicle.

step 2 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale template price

Step 3.

Fill out the information of the seller. You need to print the seller’s name and their address.

step 3 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale form seller

Step 4.

Next, be sure to provide information regarding the purchaser, including their print name and address.

step 4 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale sample buyer

Step 5.

Provide all the required information regarding the vehicle being delivered in the corresponding description box. Don’t miss out on any detail, including year, make, and VIN. You can leave out the details relevant to vessels.

step 5 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale example description

Step 6.

You also need to clarify if the vehicle has a trailer. All you need to do is check a corresponding box with a simple Yes or No option. If your vehicle includes a trailer, you should describe the type, size, and other vital information.

step 6 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale form trailer or motor

Step 7.

Be sure that both sides of the transaction provide their signatures to confirm that they are aware and agree on the transaction’s conditions.

step 7 to filling out a massachusetts vehicle bill of sale signatures

You’re also free to get the notary signature if you want to have the extra protection of your seller or buyer rights and avoid any possible issues in the future.

Template Preview
Create a free high-quality Massachusetts Bill of Sale online now!

Registering a Vehicle in Massachusetts

All residents must visit their local DMV office to register their newly acquired vehicles or boats. They have to prepare the appropriate bill of sale forms, evidence of insurance, the title to the vehicle, the odometer disclosure statement, and money to pay the registration costs. These papers will differ slightly depending on whether the car is gifted to you or if you buy a brand-new one from a dealer. Custom-built automobiles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and trailers are special vehicles with unique registration requirements.

Once the motor vehicle has changed ownership, new owners will have seven days to inspect the motor vehicle. The car bill of sale and a reading of the odometer at the time of sale are required to complete proper vehicle registration, legalizing their operation on any Massachusetts highway or road and the many surrounding lakes. New owners will need to gather together paperwork and forms to present them in person to their local Registry of Motor Vehicles Branch up to 60 days after the purchase date. Vehicle registration documents include:

  • Application for Vehicle Registration and Title (Form RMV-1)
  • Completed and signed motor vehicle bill of sale template
  • Odometer reading statement with corresponding VIN
  • Buyer’s photo ID
  • Proof of auto insurance in Massachusetts
  • Proof of inspection

When presenting all paperwork and documents at the time of registration, new owners must pay all fees, including a sales tax of 6.25% on the entire purchase price. If the motor vehicle in question is purchased out of state, buyers must show proof that taxes were paid on the vehicle or be prepared to pay them at the time of vehicle registration. The fee for titles is $75, and other fees depend on the motor vehicle type. Most commercial fees vary by weight, and motorcycles are subject to a fee of $20 for vehicle registration and titling. All fees must be paid before the registration, which must take place in less than 60 days to avoid any penalties.

If you are new to Massachusetts, you must change your vehicle’s out-of-state registration to an MA registration within 30 days of moving to the state. In addition to registering your vehicle, you will have to title the latter simultaneously.

Relevant Official Forms

(Vehicle/Vessel) Bill of Sale
(Vehicle) Registration and Title Application
(Vessel) Registration and Titling Application

Massachusetts Official Bill of Sale Form for Motor Vehicles and Vessels

(Vehicle/Vessel) Bill of Sale

The application is provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You can use it to register and title your vehicle.

(Vehicle) Registration and Title Application

Use this form to register or title your vessel with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

(Vessel) Registration and Titling Application

Short Massachusetts Bill of Sale Video Guide

seal of massachusetts state

Other Bill of Sale Forms by State

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