Texas Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice)

Tenancy matters have always been very important and complicated. Nowadays, considering population mobility, one must understand how the industry works in each state. The legal relations between a tenant and a landlord in Texas are regulated by the Property Code (Title 8) and Legislative Acts. They provide detailed information on how a lease agreement works and how to terminate it.

Normally, any rental agreement is designed to protect the landlord and his potential income from the property. Nonetheless, the law allows the tenant to terminate the contract if such a necessity occurs. The tenant needs to follow all the necessary legal procedures to avoid additional fees and penalties.

Texas rental lease agreement forms – learn more about rental lease agreements that can be used for different property types in Texas.


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Create a Personalized Texas Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice) online in under 5 minutes!

According to Texas laws, either party can unilaterally terminate the agreement given certain circumstances. Most agreements have a paragraph containing specific termination conditions and procedures, but such must not contradict the law. In other cases, the parties should refer to the local norms and regulations. Sections 92.331-92.333 describe retaliations and remedies for both the tenant and the landlord in case of agreement termination.

A lease is always terminated by notice. The landlord may issue the tenants with the following kinds of notices:

  • A 30-day Termination Notice due to lease expiration and nonrenewal;
  • A 3-day Warning Notice to pay the rent or quit;
  • A 3-day Notice to Quit before filing for an unlawful entry (in case of a violation);
  • Notice of Breach of an agreement (with or without the right to cure).

In turn, the tenant can terminate a lease by filling out the following notices:

  • A Termination Notice for the landlord’s noncompliance (with the right to cure);
  • A 30-day Lease Termination Notice (for monthly tenancies);
  • A 7-day Termination Notice (for weekly tenancies);
  • A Notice of Intent to vacate the premises upon agreement expiration without renewal;
  • A Letter addressed to the landlord concerning an Insufficient Termination Notice.

Tenants may be granted preferential statutory rights to terminate their lease obligations if they are victims of sexual harassment or inactive military deployment.

Texas Lease Termination Form Details

Document Name Texas Lease Termination Form
Other Names Texas 30-day Notice to Vacate, Texas Lease Termination Letter
Relevant Laws Texas Statutes, Property Code, Section 91.001
Avg. Time to Fill Out 9 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 34
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a Personalized Texas Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice) online in under 5 minutes!

How to Write a Texas Lease Termination Notice

If you have already decided to terminate your lease agreement, you need to fill out a termination notice form. You may find one online or use our convenient and simple-to-use software tools to build the necessary form.

Below are guidelines for filling out your termination notice form:

  1. Select the sender (the tenant or the landlord) and check the appropriate box.
    Step 1 to filling out a texas lease termination sender
  2. Insert the date. First, fill in the date of signing the lease agreement, and then proceed with the suggested termination date (count the date depending on the notice type).
    Step 2 to filling out a texas lease termination form dates
  3. Enter the recipient’s address (for tenants only).
    Step 3 to filling out a texas lease termination sample recipient address
  4. Fill in the Move Out Inspection section. To do so, both parties should agree on the time and date to have a walkthrough of the property. Describe your intention and suggested time in the notice.
  5. Manage connected utilities and services. If you are the tenant, have them attached to your new address or turned off. If you are the landlord, contact the service company and have them reattached to your name. Do not forget to state the necessary conditions in the notice.
  6. Provide your signature and printed name in the conclusion.
    Step 6 to filling out a texas lease termination signature and name

The notice has to be delivered by first-class mail or in person by a courier service. Once the recipient is notified, they are considered to agree with eviction instructions. The sender has to receive proof of delivery notification.

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Published: May 16, 2022