Texas Rental Lease Agreement Forms

Residential property has always been in high demand. With globalization and increased mobility level, it is now in more request than ever. That is why it is essential to understand the local rental norms and regulations of the state you are relocating to.

The relations between the landlord and the tenant in the state are regulated by the Texas Property Code. You may refer to this document for any specific situation interpretation.

Texas Lease Agreement Residential Form

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Texas Laws and Lease Requirements

Particular rental aspects differ from state to state. However, the basic principle of the landlord-tenant relations stays the same—it is interdependency. The landlord provides rental services to the tenant, whilst the latter agrees to pay for those services and keep the property clean and safe. To establish a binding legal obligation on the subject, parties conclude a rental agreement.

The lease may be long-term and short-term. Any lease agreement shall contain the following information:

  • names, personal data, and contact information of both parties;
  • lease property description, including physical address;
  • agreement term and expiration period;
  • rent monthly payment amount and its due date;
  • security deposit and its return conditions;
  • maintenance and repairs liability;
  • hazard materials use disclosure;
  • rights and responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord;
  • Texas recording rules and procedure;
  • termination procedure.

Texas Rental Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Texas Rental Lease Agreement Form
Other Names TX Rental Lease, Texas Residential Lease Agreement
Relevant Laws Texas Statutes, Property Code, Title 8, Chapter 92
Security Deposit Amount No limit
Security Deposit Return Thirty (30) days from vacation of tenant
Avg. Time to Fill Out 18 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 119
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Texas Lease Agreement: How to Write

You can use legal advice to draft a rental agreement or download a copy online. We strongly recommend you to use our latest software to build the necessary agreement form.

Security Deposit Policy

The security deposit amount is defined by the Texas lease agreement. The landlord has to return the security funds within 30 days after the lease termination and vacation of the premises. The security deposit is nonrefundable if significant damage was caused to the property by the tenant. However, if the damage occurs as a result of fire, earthquake, storm, or any other natural disaster to the point where the unit becomes inhabitable, both parties shall terminate the agreement.

Landlord’s Right to Entry

The landlord, as well as their agent or a lawful representative, is entitled the right to enter the rented property during working hours without notice for the following purposes:

  • inspecting the property for its condition;
  • to make timely repairs;
  • showing the unit to potential clients or inspectors;
  • to deliver a written notice in person;
  • to exercise a lawful lien;
  • seizing the tenant’s property left after an agreement default.

If the tenant fails to provide access under these circumstances for any reason, they will be in default.

Obligatory Disclosures

The tenant shall sign the Lead-based Paint Disclosure along with the lease agreement. It is connected with the fact that any dwelling unit constructed before 1978 may still have the finish containing trails of paint hazards. Therefore, the tenant cannot keep any flammable or explosive item at the premises as doing so might increase the risk of a fire or an explosion.

The landlord, in turn, should additionally provide the tenant with an information brochure on lead-based paint hazards.

Texas Lease Agreement Recording

Lease agreements in Texas are not subject to recording in any local Public Records office. In fact, if the tenant does record it, the landlord will have every right to terminate such an agreement immediately and will be entitled to all the remedies.

Termination Procedures

Either party to the deal can terminate their obligations before its expiration date. Use a 30-day Termination Notice to end a nonrenewal or monthly tenancy. Use a seven-day Termination Notice to end a week-to-week tenancy. Only the landlords can end a tenancy on a three-day Pay or Quit Notice in cases when the tenant fails to make his or her payments in time.

Under Section 92.016, some tenants (family violence survivors, military personnel) may have preferential statutory rights to terminate the lease early.

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Create a free high quality Texas Rental Lease Agreement online now!

Published: Jun 20, 2022
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