Oregon Rental Lease Agreement Forms

A rental agreement or a lease agreement in Oregon and other American states is an essential document that two sides of the leasing deal have to complete and exchange. The two sides include the person or entity that transfers space for a while (referred to as the owner or the landlord), and the person or entity (the renter or the tenant) that gets it.

Every deal of renting space has peculiarities and conditions, including the renting price, the space description, information about the parties, and so on. A lease agreement is a document that contains all of those details.

It does not matter what kind of real property is leased. This agreement is highly important for both sides of the deal. To complete a rental agreement in Oregon, you can use our form building software to build and download the right template.

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Oregon Laws and Lease Requirements

Every state in America has its requirements for lease agreements, and Oregon is not an exemption. In Oregon Revised Statutes, you may find the information needed for a rental agreement completion in Title 10 (Chapter 90). This section regulates the relations between the owner and the renter in Oregon.

Requirements for Security Deposit

Section 90.300 of the Oregon Revised Statutes (or ORS) prescribes that the owner has to give a full amount of security deposit to the renter within 31 days from the day the renter vacates the owner’s space.

Usually, the maximum amount of security deposit is stated by law. However, in Oregon, there are no limits, and the amount deposited is arbitrary.

Landlord’s Access

Sometimes, the landlord needs to come to the rented space, and the visit is not tied to an emergency. In this case, in Oregon, the landlord should notify the renter at least 24 hours before arriving, as stated in Section 90.322 of the local law.

Needed Disclosures

Closing of a rental deal in the US usually requires additional disclosures. There are at least nine disclosures that both the tenant and the owner should acknowledge:

  • Flood plain disclosure. In case the property is situated in a “100-year flood plain” zone, a renter has to be aware of this fact.
  • Authorized acts disclosure. This disclosure names the people who may act instead of the owner and people that may access the rented space.
  • Lead-based paint disclosure. This is a usual disclosure for rental deals in the US. It is needed if the leased property was constructed before 1978.
  • Carbon monoxide alarm disclosure. Some rented spaces may contain a source of carbon monoxide. In this case, the owner should install specific alarms and change the batteries (if needed) before a tenant moves into the rented space.
  • Outstanding notices or pending suits disclosure. This disclosure is required in certain cases only if there are four or fewer residential units in the leased property. The renter should know if there are any notices or suits regarding mortgage or trust deed default and other similar cases. You may find more details in Section 90.310 of the local law.
  • Smoking policy. Renters have to be informed where they can smoke (if they can) in the rented premises.
  • Utility or service fees disclosure. When a tenant has to pay fees that are considered as a benefit for the landlord, it should be stated in the lease agreement.
  • Recycling disclosure. In some cases, the landlord has to give out instructions that inform about recycling in the area (Section 90.318).

Oregon Common Lease Agreement Types

There are various types of rental agreements depending on the kind of deal, from renting an office to leasing a house. Also, rules are different in every state, as we have mentioned before. Therefore, the template for a lease agreement is not unified in the US.

In Oregon, you may find no less than seven common types of rental agreements. The list contains a lease agreement that gives an opportunity to purchase the property, room lease agreement, agreement of sublease, commercial rent agreement, and other types.

Before you start the completion of a lease agreement, do not forget to carefully choose a template that is relevant for your case. Every type is different, so choosing the correct document will ensure your success.

Oregon Rental Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Oregon Rental Lease Agreement Form
Other Names OR Rental Lease, Oregon Residential Lease Agreement
Relevant Laws Oregon Revised Statutes, Title 10, Chapter 90
Security Deposit Amount No limit
Security Deposit Return Thirty-one (31) days from termination date
Avg. Time to Fill Out 18 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 119
Available Formats Adobe PDF

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Create a free high-quality Oregon Rental Lease Agreement online now!

Published: Aug 21, 2022
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