Oregon Non-compete Agreement Template

The Oregon Non-Compete Agreement is an administrative document that includes information about the agreement between the employer (any business organization) and its employee. The paper states that the employee cannot work for a competitor’s business company for a specific period after quitting the job and within a designated geographical region.

This record also gives particular benefits to the employee. Upon signing the non competition agreement example, both parties to the deal can be sure that all confidential data is safe, secure, and preserved from disclosure.

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The list below contains clear examples of non-disclosure data in the state of Oregon (regarding an NCA):

  • Trade secrets
  • Confidential business or professional data
  • Goodwill of the business
  • Customer information and contacts

Oregon NCA Laws and Restrictions

The Oregon Revised Statutes regulate local antimonopoly and non-compete matters. All non-compete agreements in Oregon should be signed in strict consistency with local and federal legal requirements.

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Here is a list of rules to follow:

  • Contemporary Oregon law requires the organizations to give a 14-day written notice to the worker before starting the working process (as stated in the Oregon Revised Statutes, Section 653.295(1)a).
  • Non-compete agreements are only enforceable for people who occupy top management or high administrative positions with salaries significantly higher than the average.
  • An employer cannot force a Non-Compete Agreement on workers with a median total gross income for a family of four people in the state. As stated by the most recent United States Evaluation Bureau outtakes, Oregon’s median total pay is 67.315 dollars (2013).
  • Oregon’s employers can use the non-compete agreement form to prevent the enticement of their clients and other workers.
  • Oregon’s employers can likewise offer the worker to sign a non-exposure consent to prevent the disclosure or use of confidential data and trade secrets for personal gain.
  • According to the local laws and regulations, healthcare workers are exempt from signing an NCA in Oregon.
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Published: Aug 11, 2022
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