Georgia Non-compete Agreement Template

A Georgia Non-Compete Agreement is a document concluded between an employer and an employee. It sets out particular restrictions if the subject employee decides to quit the job. With this arrangement, the employer assumes to prohibit the employee from taking a similar position for a designated time or practicing competitive behavior inside a particular geographical area. A great example of such competitive action would be revealing confidential data to another business party.

Any Non-Compete Agreement shall be flexible and comply with the subject organization’s necessities. NCA records are supposed to preserve the company’s commercial data from getting into the wrong hands. The document is a legally binding agreement that might require both parties’ personal and financial information. Administrative personnel responsible for preparing the non-compete agreement template must consult the disclosing party on the agreement’s relevant preferences and conditions to make it exhaustive.

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Georgia NCA Laws and Restrictions

All Georgia restrictions, requirements, and laws regarding NCA concern non-legitimate business practices or unfair competition and are reflected in the Georgia Code. Local authorities may correct such situations based on the Code’s rules and norms. You may find all the necessary regulations in Sections 13-8-2, 13-8-50, and 13-8-59. Please make sure to get acquainted with them before proceeding to compile or sign an NCA. Hereunder, you will find essential features of such an agreement.

According to the Georgia Code, non-compete agreement forms are only applicable to the employees who:

  • Consistently look for new business clients and solicit related commercial information.
  • Usually take part in concluding deals and obtaining orders on products and services performed by others.

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Additional conditions suggest that a person signing an NCA meets other requirements. The subject employee must:

  • Have a primary responsibility of managing the enterprise or a particular department
  • Possess the authority to hire or fire other employees, suggest recommendations regarding new employees’ recruitment, designate promotion appointees, or in any other way decide the status of co-workers.
  • Direct and coordinate the work of two or more other employees.
  • Perform the duties of a core staff member under the Georgia Code.

If you are applying for a position that meets all or at least one of these requirements, you will need to sign an NCA. Always read the agreement thoroughly and ask questions if you have any doubts to avoid misunderstandings, as the latter might have serious legal consequences for you.

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Published: Apr 29, 2022
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