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In Georgia, a living will form, or a Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care, or a Georgia Health Care Directive, is a special document that allows a third party to make decisions on behalf of a declarant in case they are incapable of expressing their will concerning their end-of-life treatment. This document also enables an agent to decide after the declarant’s death, such as organ extraction, dissection request, and the body’s disposition.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

According to § 31-32-5 of Georgia state law, only a person who is age 18 or older can sign a Living Will Form. This document specifies a healthcare agent and states the withholding or withdrawal of life support procedures or that of hydration or nourishment when the principal is in critical condition and unable to make any decisions.

The declarant’s agent and doctor should fulfill any record written in this document. A healthcare agent can make decisions and assist in the declarant’s care if something is not clearly expressed in a Georgia Living Will Form.

A Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care requires the following directives to be implemented:

  • This document does not need a notary certification and must be signed by two witnesses who are at the age of 18 or older in the presence of the declarant. They must do it separately from one another and from the declarant.
  • A witness cannot be either a healthcare agent or take part in the declarant’s health care assistance or inherit anything from the declarant.
  • Only one of the witnesses has the right to be a member of medical personnel, an employee, or agent of the health care organization where the declarant is getting health care.

A doctor must make sure that a female is not pregnant before withholding or withdrawal of life support procedures. A living will is considered a valid document if it complies with Georgia’s signing requirements and laws.

Georgia Living Will Form Details

Document Name Georgia Living Will Form
State Form Name Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care
Signing Requirements Two Witnesses
Validity Requirements Section 31-32-5
Specific Powers Section 31-32-7
Avg. Time to Fill Out 13 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 48
Available Formats Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word
State Laws: Georgia Code, Sections 31-32-1 to 31-32-14

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Georgia Living Will online now!

Steps to Fill Out the Form

To create a Georgia Living Will Form, you need to abide by the following steps:

1. Download the form

To fill out the Georgia Living Will form efficiently, use the Online Forms Building Software on our website.

2. Write in your personal data

After the word “by,” there is a gap where you need to fill in the First and Last Name above the “Print Name” word group. In the line “Date of Birth,” you need to fill in your birthday in the following order: month/day/year.
Personal data indication section of Georgia living will

3. Write in the essential information about your healthcare agent

  • In the section “Health Care Agent,” you need to fill in the First and Last Name of the person that is empowered to be your healthcare agent.
  • In the section “Address,” this data of the healthcare agent must be filled in as Zip Code, State, City, Street Name, and Building Number.
  • The healthcare agent’s current Telephone Number should be filled in. It is also advisable to fill in the healthcare agent’s Work, Home, or Mobile Phone Numbers if possible.
  • In the section “E-Mail Address,” you need to enter the healthcare agent’s current E-mail Address.

The declarant can also appoint two backup healthcare agents in case the primary or the first back-up healthcare agent cannot fulfill the duties any longer. This section is not mandatory.
Section for information about healthcare agent of a Georgia living will template

4. Empower the healthcare agent

Starting with the section “General Powers of Health Care Agent,” you need to specify what your healthcare agent can undertake and what their powers are. This section requires scrupulous attention on the part of the declarant. The declarant can blank out the wording that is unwished. Any amendment is fulfilled on behalf of the declarant.
Healthcare agent empowering section of a living will for Georgia

5. Define the validity of the document

In the section “Effectiveness and Signatures,” you need to define when the document becomes valid. If the blank lines after the statement “…the extent authorized in Section (f) of Part One)” are unfilled, the document’s validity goes into effect from the moment of its Signature by the declarant and expires after the declarant’s death. The declarant can also name a specific date when this document should go into effect and when it should expire.
Defining the document validity part of the living will document for Georgia

6. Make a Signature

After examining the rest of the text, you need to sign your Name above the wording “Signature of Declarant.” Then you need to enter the Date above the word “Date” when you have completed the Signature.

The next section is for witnesses. They should sign their Names, enter the Date of the Signature, Print their Names and Address.
Signing section of a document of living will for Georgia

Published: Aug 3, 2022
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