Free Alabama Living Will Form

In Alabama, a living will form grants residents the right to state health-related decisions and options concerning the end-of-life treatment and assigns a third person to make such decisions on their behalf.

Being among the essential steps on the way to the ultimate end-of-life planning, the form is aimed at senior people and individuals whose health condition is severely threatened.

Regarding the document’s exceptional importance, it is highly advisable to keep it safe at hand should an emergency arise.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

According to §22-8A-4 of Alabama state law, only adults with sufficient competence can create a living will template. As the law states, physicians cannot withdraw or withhold artificially-supplied nutrition and hydration.

The following terms are underlined in Title 22, Section 8A-3 of the Alabama Code:

  • Do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) order: doctors should not initiate resuscitation procedures once the principal is diagnosed with cardiopulmonary cessation.
  • Treatment to sustain life: Life-extensive procedures that aim at prolonging a patient’s life rather than continue treatment hoping for the medicine to be discovered. Among these are antibiotics prescription, renal dialysis, and artificial ventilation.
  • Terminal state: An illness found leading to death by competent doctors once measures for sustaining a patient’s life aren’t being taken.
  • Competence: An adult over 19 years old found capable of comprehending the essential order, aims, and possible outcomes of health-related procedures concerning such weighty decisions.
  • Attending physician: The person certified in healthcare, whose first responsibility is to provide the patient in question with the required medical care.

Two witnesses over 19 years old are required to create an Advance Directive Form in Alabama. As representatives of the qualified minor (a terminally-ill patient), Section Section 8A-3 of Title 22 defines:

  • One of the parents of the principal with active medical decision-making rights.
  • The patient’s legal trustee.
  • A person making decisions on behalf of a parent as Section 30-3B-102 defines the term.

It is worth noticing that the document is considered invalid in case of the pregnancy of the person creating it. The person chosen to make decisions on behalf of the patient must not be the health treatment provider or employee of the health treatment provider.

Once all of the essential terms mentioned below are considered, one can initiate the Living Will Form’s creation.

Alabama Living Will Form Details

Document Name Alabama Living Will Form
State Form Name Alabama Advance Directive for Health Care
Signing Requirements Two or more Witnesses
Validity Requirements Section 22-8A-4(c)
Powers Limitation Section 22-8A-4(b)(1)
Avg. Time to Fill Out 13 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 48
Available Formats Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word
State Laws: Alabama Code, Sections 22-8A-1 to 22-8A-14

Template Preview
Create a free high-quality Alabama Living Will online now!

Steps to Fill Out the Form

There are seven mandatory steps one needs to take to create an Alabama Living Will:

1. Download the form

To start making a Living Will, you can download the form from our website as a PDF file or open it in your browser to start filling it out immediately.

2. Input essential info

Enter the name of the patient. You also need to answer two questions concerning life-sustaining measures like providing nutrition and hydration provision in case of a terminal illness or severe injury of the principal. Then, you can enter other directions you find necessary.
Entering essential info section of living will for Alabama

3. Name a Proxy

Afterward, you need to name a proxy if one is concerned and choose between decisions the agent can make. Indicate by your initials whether you don’t want to name the agent or list the unwanted proxies. You can name two agents if you wish and enter the same info about them.
Proxy Name section of Alabama living will form

4. Empower the Proxy

By choosing between “yes” and “no,” you can identify the measures you allow your agent to take on your behalf: it can be enlisted decisions, or you can enable the proxy to make decisions not covered in the Living Will Form.
Empowering a proxy section of document of Alabama living will

5. Choose a Life-Sustaining Consultant

In this section, you need to name people with whom you want to discuss the life-sustaining treatment cessation and your final wishes. Among others, you can name a doctor, your relatives, and agents.
Section for choosing life sustaining consultant of a living will template for Alabama

6. Provide a Signature

According to Alabama’s law, the document needs to be signed by the principal, agent, and two witnesses to be entirely legal. Once it is done, you should give the form to the physician and other persons concerned. The witnesses need to provide their printed names and signatures.
Section for signature of living will Alabama

7. Ensure the Health Care Proxy Acknowledgement

The proxy must provide the printed name, the date,  and a signature in the Acknowledgement Statement. It concerns the proxies of the first and the second choices equally.
Health care proxy acknowledgement section of living will document Alabama

Published: Apr 19, 2022
Mara Erlach
Mara Erlach
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