Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form

In Alabama, as in any other US state, specific papers regulate all kinds of estate relations. The Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form is signed during the disposal of a deceased persons’ estate by their descendants. It gives them the right to administer the property in any way they want.

The descendants get all estate rights, but to sign the small estate affidavit, the property must not cost more than $25,000 (around $30,000 in 2020). Also, the property must not contain any real estate.

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Alabama Laws and Requirements

The laws governing the Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form are mentioned mostly in the 2019 Code of Alabama. Title 43 deals with Wills and Deceased’s Estates, Chapter 2 deals with Administration of Estates, while Article 18 deals with Settlements and Distributions. Division 10 covers Summary Distribution of Small Estates, and Section 43-2-692 deals with Petition for summary distribution when surviving spouse or distributee is entitled to personal property without administration.

Some information on the requirements for filling out the Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form can also be found in the Alabama Small Estates Act.

Primary requirements

  • Real estate cannot be claimed using this form.
  • The form must be signed by the Judge of Probate Court in the county where the deceased person died.
  • The heirs must propose the signed Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form to the Probate County Court.
  • A fee of $50 has to be paid to the Probate Court.
  • The most important requirement is the property value. It must be around $30,000 or less.
  • Proof of death of the deceased must be presented in the Court.
  • The deceased person must have been a resident of Alabama at the time of their death.

Please note that the whole procedure cannot be completed earlier than 30 days after the deceased person’s death.

Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Laws Details

Max. Estate $30,608
Min. Time to Wait After Death Not specified
Filing Fee At least $50
State Laws Alabama Code, Sections 43-2-690 to 43-2-696
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Template Preview
Create a free high quality Alabama Small Estate Affidavit online now!

Filling Out the Alabama Small Estate Affidavit Form

  • Give the Information on the Deceased

Write down their name, date of death, and county of residence.
Part for giving info on deceased of Alabama small estate affidavit form

  • Register the Data of the Requester

Fill in the requester’s full name and address.
Requester data registration section of Alabama small estate affidavit template

  • Introduce all the Descendants

Write the names of all descendants, starting with the spouse, children, and other family members.
Descendants introduction part of small estate affidavit for Alabama

  • Provide Details of the Decedent’s Property

List property that belonged to the deceased person, excluding real estate.
Decedent's property details indication section of sea form for Alabama

  • Write Down the Deceased Person’s Commitments

Remember to include their liabilities, outstanding invoices, and other obligations.
Deceased person's commitments indication part of Alabama small estate affidavit document

  • Give the Descendants’ Information

If some property is meant to belong to a specific descendant, it should be stated in the form. However, the judge makes the final decision.
Descendants info indication part of Alabama small estate affidavit

  • Sign the Document

All parties should sign their signatures in the presence of a notary, who must seal the signed document.

Also, attach one copy of the Death Certificate.
Signing part of estate affidavit form for Alabama

  • Attach Signatures of Two Witnesses

The witnesses must have no interest in the deceased’s estate.
Witnesses signatures part of Alabama sea template

  • Deliver the Affidavit to the Judge

The Judge of the Probate County must file the affidavit not earlier than thirty days after the date of death.

  • Pay the Fee

Pay the $50 fee to the Probate Court.

Published: May 15, 2022