Oregon Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice)

In Oregon, lease relations between a landlord and a tenant are regulated by the Landlord-Tenant Law Oregon. All information on the lease agreement form can be found in the Oregon Residential Rental Agreement. This document usually covers the rental price, rules for guests and pets, the landlord’s requirements on vehicle parking, and rules for keeping common areas in order.

Sooner or later, all lease relations come to an end, and the Oregon law also regulates this lease termination process. All conditions regarding the agreement’s termination are embodied in Chapter 90 of the 2020 Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS).

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According to the document, the lease termination process can be initiated by the landlord in these cases:

  • No-cause — sometimes a landlord can give no cause but ask you to move out of the apartment. If you’ve spent there less than one year, you’re given a 30-day notice; if you’ve lived there one year and more, you’re given a 60-day notice. If you rent your apartment week-to-week, you have ten days to move out of it. It’s important to understand that in every case, a landlord can’t do this to discriminate or somehow revenge you (ORS 90.427).
  • For-cause — if you or your guest violate the rental agreement and don’t fix the problem, your landlord might ask you to leave (ORS 90.392).
  • Pets —  if you can’t keep a pet in the apartment according to the rental agreement, your landlord can ask you to remove it, or if you don’t want to move your pet, it’ll be your turn to leave (ORS 90.396).
  • Late rent — if you withhold your payment for more than seven days, you have to move out (ORS 90.394).
  • Threats, personal injuries, or outrageous acts — if you, your pet, or your guest threaten the life of someone on the premises, or if you cause damage to the apartment, or if you take any outrageous actions, you can be asked to move out (ORS 90.396).
  • And other causes.

If you’re a tenant and you want to move out (due to many causes), you can fill out the lease termination letter template.

In Oregon, the Lease Termination Letter is considered as the legal document used for notifying one part of the rental agreement about leaving the property. Complete it and deliver it to a landlord or a renter (OPS S 90.427 (3)).

Oregon Lease Termination Form Details

Document Name Oregon Lease Termination Form
Other Names Oregon 30-day Notice to Vacate, Oregon Lease Termination Notice
Relevant Laws Oregon Revised Statutes, Section 91.070
Avg. Time to Fill Out 6 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 13
Available Formats Adobe PDF

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Oregon Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice) by Landlord
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2. Give the One Party’s Personal Information

A tenant should write down their full address, including street, city, state, and zip code. The landlord will use it for sending the security deposit back to the tenant.
Step 2 to filling out an oregon lease termination personal info

3. Provide a Signature

A leaseholder or a householder must sign, print their name, and send the document to another side of the rental agreement.
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Published: May 26, 2022