Texas Commercial Lease Agreement Form

The Texas Commercial Lease Agreement is authoritative paperwork planned and developed between a proprietor and an inhabitant for the commercial lease of a property. This agreement will, in general, be more confounded than a private arrangement. As a rule, it must be haggled between the landowner, the tenant(s), and their separate lawyers to guarantee that the document’s money-related part remains stable upon renewal.

One should be sure that the inhabitant is completely satisfied with the arrangement before signing the rental agreement. When all negotiations are finished, and the document is signed, notarial verification will be needed to complete the agreement procedure.

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Additional Disclosures

It is important to mention that the Texas Property Code covers the rental of business property. This part does not explicitly name any disclosures that must be given when leasing such property. Notwithstanding, some matters might be needed to be included, for example:

1. Arbitration of Disputes

The Texas General Arbitration Act makes it workable for some civil complaints to be solved via arbitration. If you see arbitration anywhere in your rent, you should likewise incorporate an Arbitration of Disputes disclosure. After both parties sign the document, this form will approve arbitration, and the results will be binding for every part of the deal.

2. Notice of Water Fluctuation.

If your business property is any kind of water source under the Texas Water Code, you should think about a Notice of Water Fluctuation disclosure. A Notice of Water Fluctuation disclosure informs inhabitants about the potential flood or water harm.

3. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure.

When leasing a business building founded before 1973, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires landowners to give a Lead-Based Disclosure Form. The EPA gives this document on their official site.

Texas Commercial Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Texas Commercial Lease Agreement Form
Other Name TX Commercial Lease Agreement
Relevant Laws Texas Statutes, Property Code, Title 8, Chapter 92
Avg. Time to Fill Out 20 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 263
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Texas Commercial Lease Agreement template in PDF.

How to Fill Out the Texas Commercial Lease Agreement

Furthermore, to fill out the commercial lease agreement in Texas, you can use our form-building software to ensure the best results:

  • List all parties of the deal. Name both Landlord and Tenant(s) concerned. Fill out the empty spaces with the state, date, and address.
    Step 1 to filling out a texas commercial lease parties
  • In part about the description of Leased Premises, describe the number of square feet that a Landowner provides to rent, the location of the property, and the type of space being leased.
    Step 2 to filling out a texas commercial lease template premises description
  • Then, describe the section of Use of Premises by detailing the intended use of the leased property.
    Step 3 to filling out a texas commercial lease sample use of premises
  • In the section about the Term of Lease, enter the tenancy duration in months and years. Fill out the date of entering the deal and the day of expiration of the deal.
    Step 4 to filling out a texas commercial lease example term
  • The Base Rent segment discusses the monthly charge that should be paid. Fill out the sum in dollars. Do not forget to enter the day on which the Tenant will have to pay the monthly sum.
    Step 5 to filling out a texas commercial lease sample base rent
  • In the Option to Renew, the renewal of the monthly payment strategy is discussed. One will have to read the given information and tick one suitable option given.
  • The following part is about the Expenses. Firstly, one will have to check and initialize if it is the lease gross, modified gross, or triple net (NNN). Choose the needed option and fill out the empty spaces.
  • In the Security Deposit segment, you can list the sum of the security deposit in dollars. Occupants should know that they can retain a certain amount of the Security Deposit to cover back lease or harms.
    Step 8 to filling out a texas commercial lease template security deposit
  • Leasehold Improvements. Maintenance and repair are a landowner’s responsibility. Ensure that your inhabitant understands who is responsible by confirming everything and expressing that the leaseholder will cover the cost. Additionally, fill out the cases in which the Tenant is responsible for the payment.
    Step 9 to filling out a texas blank commercial lease leasehold improvements
  • Carefully read and acknowledge parts about the Licenses and Permits, Obligations of Lessee, Insurance, Sublet or Assignment, Damage to Leased Premises, Indemnification, Bankruptcy, Subordination, Estoppel Certificate, Holdover, Waiver, Amendment, and Governing Law.
  • The segment about Default and Possession includes information about the features of the lease term. Fill out the number of days after which one will have to pay the payment penalty. Tick the box with the payment method (late fee or percent per annum on a daily basis).
    Step 11 to filling out a texas commercial lease agreement default and possession
  • In Miscellaneous Terms, one should read and acknowledge the information about various features of the lease. In the Signs section, indicate that one shouldn’t place anything on their windows or outdoor walls without the approval of the filled out Municipality form.
    Step 12 to filling out a texas commercial lease sample miscellaneous
  • In the Notices segment, list the lessors to whom the payments and notices must be addressed.
    Step 13 to filling out a texas blank commercial lease notices
  • In the last part about the Binding Effect, enter that the date of the agreement has been witnessed. Do not forget to fill out the Acknowledgment of the Notary Public Section. In the notation verification and signatures part, note that all business lease agreements should be endorsed by both the proprietor and inhabitant. Do not forget to fill out the empty spaces.
    Step 14 to filling out a texas commercial lease form notarization and signatures
Published: May 24, 2022