Massachusetts Rental Application Template

Any landlord who decides to let their property hopes to find a renter who will fulfill their responsibilities diligently and maintain or improve the property’s existing conditions. The Massachusetts rental application form is an official document that helps the landlord choose a good tenant by revealing the following information:

  • Criminal history
  • Financial conditions
  • Background checks
  • Current residence and residential history
  • Personal information about possible co-tenants

The information above helps the lessor determine if the applicant (potential tenant) can pay rent on a regular basis and whether they will honor the lease agreement form. If the applicant meets all the landlord’s requirements, the two parties proceed to sign a lease contract.

Massachusetts rental lease agreement templates – this section will allow you to find out more about other rental lease agreements that can be used in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Rental Application

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As a rule, creating an application form is accompanied by paying application fees. However, in Massachusetts, the property owner cannot charge the renter this type of fee. As stated in § 254 CMR 7.00(1), the only people who can be paid are brokers and real estate agents.

Another considerable expenditure that a tenant may have is making a security deposit. In Massachusetts, following Section 15B of M.G.L., Chapter 186, the security deposit amount must not exceed the rent for one month. A security deposit serves to ensure that the tenant can pay the rent and cover all damage costs for which they are to blame. A tenant should take into account this information when applying for a rental property.

According to Chapter 276 § 100A of M.G.L., when providing information regarding criminal history, the tenant has a right to answer “no record” to any question.

Massachusetts Rental Application Form Details

Document Name Massachusetts Rental Application Form
Other Names MA Rental Application, Massachusetts Application to Rent
Max Amount of Security Deposit One month’s rent
Max Application Fee No application fee can be charged by the landlord
Avg. Time to Fill Out 13 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 70
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free high quality Massachusetts Rental Application online now!

How to Fill Out the Massachusetts Rental Application Form

The state does not generate the Massachusetts form. The document is one-page, but the applicant must include a great deal of information on this page. You can build the template using our form-building software then download it. Below are the essential steps you must take when completing the form:

1. Provide Personal Information

The form requires the applicant to enter personal details, including their full name, date of birth, personal contacts (phone numbers), Social Security Number, and an email address.
Step 1 to filling out a massachusetts rental application personal info

2. Insert Current Residence Details

Here, the applicant should write the physical address of where they live at present. The applicant should then write details of the amount of rent they are currently paying, and the name and address of the current landlord.
Step 2 to filling out a massachusetts rental application form current residence

3. Provide Residential History Records

Here, the applicant should give the address of the previous residence, the former landlord’s name and address, and the amount paid as rent. They should also specify how long the tenancy lasted.
Step 3 to filling out a massachusetts rental application template residential history

4. Submit Employment Records

To convince the landlord that you are financially competent and can pay rent regularly, do not conceal or embellish information about your current occupation. Specify the current workplace, phone number, the date you were employed, and the amount of money you earn each month (salary). If you have another source of income, indicate it in the section. If you have investments, specify where.
Step 4 to filling out a massachusetts rental application example employment records

5. Provide the Vehicle Details

If you own a vehicle, you must describe it in the document. The information must comprise its model, make, year of production, and registration number or state in which it was registered. Specify if you possess a car or rent it.
Step 5 to filling out a massachusetts rental application form vehicle details

6. Appoint a Person

Another critical step is to choose a person who will be informed if something life-threatening happens to you. Indicate how the person is related to you. Add their phone number and email address for ease of contact in case of emergency.
Step 6 to filling out a massachusetts rental application sample person appointment

7. List the Co-Tenants

If you are going to live with some other people (your family members or friends), include their full names. Indicate how many they are and how many of them are adults. If you own pets, disclose it here, describing each.
Step 7 to filling out a massachusetts blank rental application co tenants

8. Describe the Rental Unit

Enter the address of the property and the number of rooms it has. Here, you are also required to insert the lease period and the sum of all expenditures.
Step 8 to filling out a massachusetts rental application template rental unit

9. Indicate the Application Fee

At the bottom of the page, read the information carefully, and make sure that the application fee has been specified.

10. Sign the Paper

Affix your signature and write the current date.
Step 10 to filling out a massachusetts rental application form signature

Published: Jun 11, 2022