California Sublease Agreement Form

There are several types of rental agreements in the United States, and a sublease agreement is one of them. A sublease agreement is signed when a tenant wants to give out the rented space to someone else, and the landlord does not mind.

For instance, this is a common contract for tenants renting apartments with several rooms and want to lease some of the rooms.

Also, if a tenant wants to leave the rented space before the end of the contract, another person (or subtenant) may substitute by signing a sublease agreement.

California rental lease agreement forms – know more about rental lease agreements used for other things in the State of California.

California Sublease Agreement

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Every sublease agreement should include specific information, including:

  • Names of all parties
  • The amount of the security deposit
  • Address of the leased premises
  • Other important details

A California sublease agreement involves at least three parties. One of them is the landlord (the lessor), the second is the tenant (the sublessor), and the third is the subtenant (or a sublessee). All of them should participate in the signing of this contract.

Division 2 and Division 3 of the California Civil Code contains laws that regulate the sublease contract and relations between the landlord, the sublessor, and the sublessee.

California Sublease Agreement Form Details

Document Name California Sublease Agreement Form
Other Name CA Sublease Agreement
Relevant Laws California Civil Code, Divisions 2 and 3
Avg. Time to Fill Out 12 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 59
Available Formats Adobe PDF

How to Fill Out a California Sublease Agreement

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you create a California sublease agreement.

1. Download the Template of a Sublease Agreement

First, you should download the right template for a sublease agreement. Feel free to use our form-building software to create and download one.

2. Enter the Sublessor and Sublessee’s Names

Specify the names and addresses of the sublessor (the person letting the property on behalf of the landlord) and the sublessee (the one moving into the property).
Step 2 to filling out a california sublease agreement names

3. Add the Address of the Premises

After the names, enter the address of the subleased premises.
Step 3 to filling out a california sublease agreement template premises address

4. Define the Terms

Define when the sublease becomes effective, the price set to be paid by the sublessee, and the expected payment date per month. Then, specify the mode of payment( cash, bank card, or any other convenient way) as well as information about utilities’ payments.
Step 4 to filling out a california sublease agreement sample terms

5. Specify the Security Deposit Policy

When you rent a property in California, you are required to transfer some amount of money to the landlord to cover damages to the property or non-payment. This Amount is the security deposit.  Enter the amount a sublessee transfers as a security deposit and specify the terms for a refund at the end of the contract.
Step 5 to filling out a california sublease agreement example security deposit

6. Move-in Checklist

Have the parties created an itemized move-in checklist? If so, include it here.

7. State When the Building Was Constructed

If the subject property was constructed before 1978, you must give the sublessee a lead-based paint disclosure.
Step 7 to filling out a california blank sublease agreement construction date

8. Clarify the Smoking policy

Specify the smoking policy. Is smoking allowed on the premises? If so, describe the exact places where the sublessee can smoke.

9. Seek the Landlord’s Consent

The landlord has to consent to sublet. Choose the relevant option from the suggested statements.

10. Include Additional Terms and Conditions

The parties may add other terms and conditions that were not described before.
Step 10 to filling out a california sublease agreement form additional terms

11. Sign the Contract

The sublessor and the sublessee have to sign the contract and enter the date signed. Then, the landlord should sign to prove their approval. Also, the number of the original lease agreement should be attached.
Step 11 to filling out a california sublease agreement template signatures

Template Preview
Create a free high quality California Sublease Agreement Form online now!
Published: Aug 4, 2022