Oklahoma Rental Lease Agreement Forms

Among all the legal forms in the United States, a lease agreement (or rental agreement) is one of the most important documents. It occurs when a rental deal is closed between two parties: an owner (or a landlord) gives a piece of his or her real property to a tenant (or a renter) for a specific period. The owner and the renter may be either individuals or entities.

Regardless of the space or building that is rented in Oklahoma and the relationship between both parties, a free lease agreement is a vital contract because of its contents. In this document, both parties may include the conditions of the deal, the amount to pay as rent, the features of the leased space, and other essential details.

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Oklahoma Laws and Lease Requirements

Oklahoma, like any other state, has its own rules and laws that cover rental agreements and relations between the owner and the renter. Most of the regulations are included in Title 41 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Security Deposit Rules

In Oklahoma, the security deposit has to be returned to the tenant within 45 days after vacating the rented space (see Section 41-115 of the Oklahoma Statutes).

Unlike many other states, Oklahoma laws do not suggest or prescribe the maximum amount of security deposit.

Owner’s Access

If the owner needs to get to the rented premises, they should notify the renter at least one day before as stated in Section 41-128 of the Oklahoma Statutes. This is applicable to cases when there is no emergency.

Needed Disclosures

When you conclude a leasing deal in the US, besides a lease agreement, both you and the other party have to make several disclosures. The list depends on the state. In Oklahoma, it has only three items:

  • Lead-based paint disclosure. This disclosure takes place only if the rented building (or space) was constructed before 1978. It informs the renter about the lead used in paint to decorate or repair the premises.
  • Landlord (or manager, or agent) disclosure. If there is any other person who may act on behalf of the owner, they should be revealed in the lease agreement, so the tenant is informed.
  • Flood disclosure. This disclosure is necessary in case floods occurred in the area and affected the premises in the last five years (and the owner knows about it).

Common Rental Agreement Types in Oklahoma

Because people or entities can lease various types of real property in the US, the templates for rental agreements vary. You may lease a commercial building to open a shop or an apartment to live in, and the template will be different for these two cases. In Oklahoma, there are at least seven types of lease agreements that you can use:

  • Agreement of sublease
  • A standard residential lease agreement
  • Commercial lease agreement
  • Rental agreement with an opportunity to purchase the property
  • Room rental agreement
  • Month-to-month rental agreement
  • Letter of lease termination.

Every type is different because of the property type, rental period, and other features. Whether you are renting an office or completing an agreement for leasing a house for your family, ensure that you are using the correct template.

Oklahoma Rental Lease Agreement Form Details

Document Name Oklahoma Rental Lease Agreement Form
Other Names OK Rental Lease, Oklahoma Residential Lease Agreement
Relevant Laws Oklahoma Statutes, Title 41
Security Deposit Amount No limit
Security Deposit Return Forty-five (45) days from termination date
Avg. Time to Fill Out 18 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 119
Available Formats Adobe PDF

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Create a free high-quality Oklahoma Rental Lease Agreement online now!
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Published: May 6, 2022
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