Ohio Lease Termination Form (30-day Notice)

The most proliferated way of proprietary rent is renting with payments per month. Therefore, the procedure should be absolutely legal in order to safeguard the rights of both parties involved. For this purpose, the Ohio Lease Termination agreement is concluded, and the process can be initiated by any of the parties.

You can break the tenancy if you want to, but you should act in accordance with the Ohio Revised Statutes (Chapter 5321.17). The letter’s effect is that the tenants renting some premises receive a notification indicating the period they should leave the occupied territory. In Ohio, the period equals 30 days. Or vice versa, tenants give the notice to their landlord about the time they plan to move out from the leased household or room.

The successful procedure of creating the lease agreement ensures the landlord will receive the rental payment for the last month of the tenants’ stay; the tenants become legally protected from sudden decisions on the part of their landlord.

Ohio rental lease agreement forms – this page will allow you to read additional information on some other rental lease agreements you can use in Ohio.

Lease Termination Letter in Ohio State

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It is highly suggested by legal professionals that the document’s creation should be witnessed. The presence of the one will be a good back-up in situations prone to misunderstanding and erroneous actions, when one has to defend their position in front of the other party of the agreement or before the law. It is clear that the notice must be timely sent to either the landlord or tenants—depending on the person of its creator—and the fact of receiving the document must be ensured as well. This will let the recipient have the 30-days period to prepare for the check-out.

Ohio Lease Termination Form Details

Document Name Ohio Lease Termination Form
Other Names Ohio 30-day Notice to Vacate, Ohio Lease Termination Notice
Relevant Laws Ohio Revised Code, Section 5321.17
Avg. Time to Fill Out 6 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 13
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free high quality Ohio Lease Termination Form online now!

How to Fill Out the Form

To complete the Ohio Lease termination letter, you will need to follow a few simple steps. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to filling out the form in Ohio.

1. Get the Appropriate Form

First, you need to obtain a template to fill it out. You can download a form in any format convenient for you and complete it electronically or print it and fill it in manually. In order to achieve the best result, we recommend that you use our form-building software provided on our web page.

2. Define Landlord and Tenants

The first step in completing the Ohio Lease termination letter is to specify who the tenant is and who the owner of the rental property is. To perform this, enter the full legal name of the tenant and owner.
Step 2 to filling out an ohio lease termination landlords and tenants

3. Indicate the Property’s Disposition

Once all parties have been identified, provide the exact legal address of the property you are renting. To do this, you need to specify the state, city, street, building number, and room number.
Step 3 to filling out an ohio lease termination template property disposition

4. Choose The Check-Out Date

As the following essential step of the Ohio Lease termination letter completion, its creator must specify the date by which tenants need to leave the rented premises at the latest. Please be aware that the end date of the lease must be no earlier than 30 days from the date the document was issued and the landlord or renter received the notice.
Step 4 to filling out an ohio lease termination form check out date

5. Specify the Notice Date

Once the date has been established by which tenants need to leave the rented premises, you must indicate the moment the letter was issued. From the date of creation of the document, at least 30 days must pass before the date of eviction. If tenants do not leave the rented space before the checkout date, the tenants may be given checkout orders.
Step 5 to filling out an ohio lease termination sample notice date

6. Put Signs

Remember to sign the document after completing all the required sections. You need to put your signature at the bottom of the document and enter your full legal name. We advise that you sign the document in the presence of a witness so that you have reliable evidence that the Ohio Lease termination letter was drawn up by you on time.
Step 6 to filling out an ohio lease termination example signatures

7. Give the Form to the Tenant/Landlord

After signing, the form must be sent to the recipient immediately. Forms of this type cannot be sent by regular mail, as it may take too long, and from the moment of receipt of the letter, the receiver will not have enough time to find a new place of residence or new tenants.

We advise you that you send the Ohio Lease termination letter by registered mail or courier service and make sure the recipient receives the message on time.

Published: Apr 4, 2022