North Carolina Rental Application Template

The North Carolina Rental Application Form is an official document that is the main point in implementing a rental agreement. Landlords and management companies consider this document as the main indicator when concluding an agreement with a tenant. All necessary documents are sent directly to the owner of this property. If the landowner believes that a possible tenant meets all the necessary criteria, they enter into a contract. This form must be printed and signed.

When making an application, the tenant must pay several fees:

  • Application fee. There is no specific amount; it is negotiated in advance.
  • Security deposit set by the property owner. The amount of the deposit is usually the cost of rent for two months. For tenancies at will, the maximum possible amount is a month and a half’s rent.

North Carolina rental lease agreement templates – access more rental lease agreement forms for North Carolina with instructions.

How to Write a Rental Application

To apply for a land lease, you need to do the following:

1. Render the Date and Place of Residence

Enter the address of the premises in the appropriate box, as well as the period in which you plan to rent it. Don’t forget to specify the date of your application.

2. Present the Tenant’s Information

In this field, you need to fill in the following information: the tenant’s name, home and work phone number, date of birth, Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number (if available), as well as the state in which the tenant currently resides. If there are several tenants, fill in the relevant information for them as well.

3. Answer Yes or No Questions

Then you need to answer Yes or No to these questions:

  • Are you or your spouse a current illegal user of a controlled substance? If the answer is yes, explain on the lines provided on the form.
  • Have you or your spouse ever been convicted by a court of law? If your answer is yes, explain on the line provided on the form.
  • Have you ever been convicted for any other felony offense? If your answer is yes, explain on the line provided.

4. Define Tenants

Then you must fill out the information about all the tenants who will live on the rented plot. Write down the number of prospective tenants, including the name, date of birth, phone number, and who the tenant is. You must specify who you can contact in case of an emergency by filling in the appropriate box with the postal address. Another point is the presence of Pets in residents. In this case, you need to specify the type, breed, and weight of the pet.

5. Provide Residence History

In this section, you must specify your place of residence for the last three years. First, enter your current place of residence, and then the previous ones. For each of them, specify the address, owner, or company that owns this land plot or apartment, phone number, the period of stay at this place, and the amount for one month’s rent.

6. Submit Applicant’s Employment History

Another critical point of the application is the description of work experience over the past three years. To do this, you must specify the current place of work and employer or company, address, work period, monthly income, name of the Manager, and phone number.

7. Specify Spouse’s Employment History

For a spouse, you must also fill in the relevant information. To do this, you must specify the current place of work and employer or company, address, work period, monthly income, name of the Manager, and phone number. If there is no work at the moment, you must specify the source of income and its amount per month (if necessary, provide documentation).

8. Define the Bank

Then you need to specify the bank where the tenant holds the account. To do this, specify the account number and phone number for Savings Bank and Checking Bank.

9. Describe the Vehicle

In this field, you should fill in the type of vehicle, make, color, Tag number, County, and state in which it is registered. You must provide the information for each vehicle.

10. Specify the Application Fee

Finally, you need to fill in the Application Fee information. First of all, read all the necessary information carefully, and then enter the Application Fee amount. Next, append the Applicant’s and Co-Applicant’s Signature, as well as the date.

Published: Dec 24, 2020