Free North Carolina Power of Attorney Forms

A North Carolina power of attorney is a document that you can draft if you want somebody else to act on your behalf in specific circumstances. The person you assign will be called an agent and be able to perform certain duties for you when it comes to your finances, real property, children, vehicles, taxes, medical treatment, or other matters.

To create your own POA in North Carolina, you can turn to our guide below. Here, you will find the info about signing requirements for each POA type together with the PDF template. Some templates you will see are issued by the North Carolina authorities: a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, Consent to Health Care for Minor, Form MVR-63 for vehicles, and Form GEN-58 for taxes.

Governing Laws:

north carolina durable financial poa

Durable power of attorney is a commonly used form in North Carolina that you should sign if you wish to nominate an agent who will take care of your financial operations if you are unable to do it for yourself (for instance, because you are passed out due to an accident and keep recovering for a while).

Also Known As North Carolina DPOA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template
north carolina medical poa

Medical power of attorney form was developed so that you can designate a proxy who will communicate with doctors and make healthcare decisions for you if you are incapable of making them.

Also Known As Health Care POA or MPOA
Signing Requirements Notary Public and Two (2) Witnesses
Download PDF Template | North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney
north carolina general financial poa

General power of attorney gives you an opportunity to officially share your finances and estate with someone you trust (for instance, your spouse). The agent chosen by this form can act on your behalf only when you are conscious and not dead.

Also Known As Generic Financial POA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template
north carolina limited poa

Limited power of attorney is used if you need to delegate restricted authorities for a short period to your representative. For instance, when you leave town but have an important sales transaction to complete, you can choose an eligible agent to act instead of you.

Also Known As Special POA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template
north carolina minor child poa

Child power of attorney should be signed if you have kids but need to trust them to another individual (a guardian) due to your temporary absence. In North Carolina, the form is officially called Consent to Health Care for Minor.

Also Known As Minor POA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template | North Carolina Consent to Health Care for Minor
north carolina real estate poa

Real estate power of attorney is signed by real estate owners who are willing to select an agent for dealing with the property renting, selling, and other issues. In North Carolina, there is a state-issued form — you can check it out below.

Also Known As Limited Real Estate POA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template | North Carolina Limited POA for Real Property (Page 8)
North Carolina form gen 58 preview

State tax power of attorney allows you to transfer all tax responsibilities to your agent. In North Carolina, Form GEN-58 is used for these cases. An individual appointed by this form will be able to represent you in the local Department of Revenue.

Also Known As Tax POA
Signing Requirements Principal and Agent
Download Form GEN-58
north carolina motor vehicle poa

Vehicle power of attorney (Form MVR-63 in North Carolina) is a form you can use if you have a vehicle and need to complete certain procedures (obtaining a title or registering) but cannot do it by yourself. The representative you select by this record can also interact with the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for you.

Also Known As DMV POA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template | Form MVR-63
north carolina revocation of poa

Revocation power of attorney is a template you must complete if you wish to cancel your previously signed POA form(s). All agents you renounce should be notified about such updates.

Also Known As POA Termination Form
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template

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seal of north carolina state

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Published: Aug 29, 2022
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