Florida Monthly Lease Agreement Form

The Florida Month-to-Month Lease Agreement can be very valuable to Florida citizens who are planning to obtain leased property. This agreement provides many opportunities for both the owner and the tenant. It is significantly different from the fixed-term lease agreement where an occupant consents to lease a private space for a specified time.

The monthly lease will provide some flexibility for the two parties if they decide to terminate this contract. However, certain conditions must be met.  In this case, the retiring party must issue the other party a notice of contract termination. These requirements are formulated to protect against extraneous negative consequences due to a breach of the agreement.

Florida rental lease agreement templates – get more rental lease agreement documents for Florida along with instructions.

Monthly Lease Agreement Florida

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As long as the rent is up to date, and neither party has issued a termination notice, both parties of the transaction can expect the agreement to be renewed at the end of each month. Both the owner and the tenant must behave according to their roles. Thus, the landowner must provide premises that comply with all applicable private rental laws. On the other hand, the resident must refrain from causing any damage to the property and pay rent on schedule. The minimum notice to terminate the lease agreement is 15 days.

How to Fill Out the Florida Monthly Lease Agreement

To get a Florida monthly lease, you can use our form-building software to ensure the best results. You can also follow these steps:

  • Most importantly, enter the Landlord’s and Tenant’s full names and details, as well as the current date.
  • Enter the day, month, and year of the lease plan in the three free spaces at the lower part of the page. Afterward, fill out the owner’s full name, the leased property’s address, and the tenant’s full name.
  • In the “Term” section, specify when the lease will lapse.

In the “Lease” segment, enter the amount agreed upon as the monthly rent and the payment method.  This section will likewise require the full name and address of the payee.

  • In the Security Deposit area, indicate the dollar sum that the property owner must get from the occupant at the start of the lease agreement. Other required details in this section include the name of the bank where the security deposit is and the account number. I
  • In the Use of Premises segment, enter the names of the family members (portrayed as “close relatives”) intending to live with the occupant.
  • The Tenant’s Hold Over gives conditions if the two parties decide to extend the agreement after its lapse. Give details about the agreement here, including whether it is scheduled to change.
  • In the “Animals” section, specify the number of allowed pets (if any) and the charge for having the pets in dollars.
  • Do not forget to read and acknowledge the parts about the Condition of Premises, Assignment and Subletting, Alterations and Improvements, Non-Delivery of Possession, Hazardous Materials, Utilities, Maintenance and Repair, Insurance, Damage to Premises, Inspection of Premises, Subordination of Lease, Surrender of Premises, Quiet Enjoyment, Indemnification, Default, Attorney’s fees, Recording of Agreement, Governing Law, Severability, Binding Effect, Descriptive Headings, Construction, Non-Waiver, Modification, Waiver of Jury Trial, and Radon Notification.
  • The “Late Charge” section specifies the amount that a rentee must pay if they pay the rent late.
  • In the “Notice” segment, both parties should detail their contacts and addresses. This is to ease the process of delivering notices.
  • In the “Extra Provisions: Disclosures” section, enter any additional information that each party must know about the deal before the lease term agreement comes into power.
  • Note that the Tenant(s) and Landlord(s) should put their initials at the lower part of each page.
  • Finally, the Property Owner and the Lessee must put their names and sign the document to bring it into force.
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Published: Dec 24, 2020