California Rent Increase Notice Template

Sometimes, a landlord (or a  property owner of the real property) needs to increase the amount that a tenant (or a renter, who is staying at the property)pays each month as rent. In this case, they have to send a rent increase notice to the tenant to inform them about the change.

Typically, a rent increase notice is written if the lease agreement in force is the “month-to-month” type. The document contains:

  • Details of the owner and the renter
  • The previous and the new rent amount
  • The date when a new rent rate becomes effective
  • The owner’s contact details in case the tenant needs clarification about specific uncertainties

California rental lease agreement forms – discover other rental lease agreement forms for California together with instructions.

This notice is regulated by section 827 of the Civil Code of California (Division 2, Part 2, Title 3, Chapter 1). According to this section, the notice applies to a rental agreement with a period of no more than a month (that is, month-to-month or week-to-week agreement).

The landlord has to deliver such a notice to the renter at least 30 days before the rent increase. They may deliver the notice straight to the tenant in person or by mail.

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Download your fillable California Rent Increase Notice Template in PDF.

How to Fill Out a California Rent Increase Notice

The step-by-step guide below will help you fill out a rent increase notice if you are a landlord in California.

1. Download the Form Template

First, you need the right template. You can download one online or use our form-building software to create one effortlessly.

2. Add the Name of the Tenant

Below the form’s heading, there is a blank line where you should enter the tenant’s name (to whom you are sending this notice).

3. Insert the Date

Enter the current date in the day-month-year format.

4. Add the Name of the Landlord

After the date, enter the landlord’s name.

5. Reveal the New Price of Rent

Enter the previous amount and the new amount in US dollars.

6. Include the Address of the Property

Enter the address of the leased property subject to this notice.

7. Indicate the Date of Rent Increase

Once you have added the address, you need to state the exact date from which the rent will increase.

8. Add a Deadline for a Tenant

A tenant may contact you as a landlord if they are opposed to the rent increase. You may add a deadline to the notice, which is the last day they can contact you regarding the notice. Also, you can specify how you would like to receive a tenant’s response.

9. Add the Landlord’s  Phone Number

The tenant should have your contact details to contact you if they have questions.

10. Add a Signature

Below your phone number, append your signature, and write your full name.

11. Complete the Certificate of Service

Here, you have to state the fact that the notice was served to the tenant. Add the delivery date, the tenant’s name, and tick against the relevant delivery option. Finally, sign the form again.

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Published: Dec 24, 2020