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Pennsylvania's Act 24 PDE 6004 Form is a required form that all school districts must submit to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The form is used to report a district's expenditure plan for the upcoming school year. The form must be submitted by July 1st each year. Districts are required to report their expenditures for both instructional and non-instructional purposes. In order to complete the form, districts must first calculate their total budgeted expenditures. This includes all revenue and expenses for the upcoming school year. Districts must then allocate these funds between instructional and non-instructional purposes. Finally, they must identify any specific programs or initiatives that will be funded with the allocated funds.

This general report will allow you to find out how long it'll require you to fill out act 24 pde 6004 form, the number of pages it's got, and a few other unique details about the PDF.

Form NameAct 24 Pde 6004 Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields13
Avg. time to fill out3 min 25 sec
Other namesact 24, act 24 clearance, pde 6004 arrest and conviction form, act 24 arrest conviction report and certification form

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Act 24 Pde 6004 Form
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