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The Ahnentafel form is a genealogical pedigree chart that is used to document ancestry. It is also known as the "Ancestor Table". The form was created by Adolf Hitler's genealogist, Karl Freiherr von Eppinghoven in 1939. The chart begins with the individual in the center and proceeds in descending order to the ancestors of that person. Each generation is represented by a box, which contains the individual's name and relationship to the center person. Lines are drawn between each box to illustrate the relationships. The Ahnentafel form can be used to track all of your ancestors, or just a few select ones.

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Form NameAhnentafel Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields128
Avg. time to fill out26 min 6 sec
Other namesget the ahnentafel chart template form, ahnentafel, mayhew bassett family ahnentafel generation no 1, ahnentafel number

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example of gaps in ahnentafel form pdffile

Please type in the required data in the Great-Great-Great-Grandparents field.

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The program will demand for more info to be able to instantly complete the box DRC: 5/14/05.

ahnentafel form pdffile DRC: 5/14/05 blanks to fill

The Ahnentafel Table for Number 1:, (Continued), Paternal Line, and Maternal Line area needs to be used to record the rights or obligations of each party.

Entering details in ahnentafel form pdffile stage 4

Finalize by reviewing the following areas and completing them as required: .

 in ahnentafel form pdffile

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Ahnentafel Form
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