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The Alabama Annual Permit, as facilitated by the Alabama Department of Transportation, represents a crucial instrument for individuals, companies, or corporations looking to navigate the state's public roads with vehicles or combinations thereof that surpass legal size and weight limits. Located at 1409 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery, Alabama, and reachable via a dedicated toll-free number or fax, the permit offers a streamlined gateway for the transportation of oversize or overweight loads. Applicants can indicate their desired permit type and quantity, with a standard fee of one hundred dollars per permit. This comprehensive form not only caters to an array of vehicles—including but not limited to mobile and modular homes, portable buildings, boats, and specific heavy equipment—but also mandates the specification of the permit’s intended start date, alongside essential applicant information such as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), Department of Transportation (DOT) number, and pertinent contact details. Importantly, it underscores the applicant's commitment to adhering to Alabama's transportation rules and regulations, a critical step in ensuring the safe and legal transport of large loads across the state. Revised as of May 10, 2011, this document serves as a testament to the state’s dedication to maintaining roadway safety and infrastructure integrity while accommodating the logistical needs of its residents and businesses.

Form NameAlabama Annual Permit Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesalabama dot oversize permits, alabama annual permit application, alabama oversize permits, alabama overweight permits

Form Preview Example

Alabama Department of Transportation

Fax Number: (334) 265-4670

Permit Office; Room H-102

Toll Free Number:1(800)499-2782

1409 Coliseum Blvd.

Website Address:

Montgomery, Al 36110


Application is hereby made for an annual permit to operate or move upon the State’s public roads a vehicle or Combination of no more than two vehicles and loads whose weight, width, or height, or combination thereof, Exceeds the maximum limits specified by law.

Indicate the type of permit and the quantity desired in the appropriate space below. One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for each permit request must accompany application.


#Combination or Equipment whose weight and/or dimensions exceed the LEGAL DIMENSIONS specified by law: MAXIMUM 12 FEET WIDE; 14 FEET HIGH; 75 OVERALL LENGTH and MAXIMUM WEIGHT of 150, 000 pounds. Weight over 100,000 pounds requires a routing.


#Modular Homes, Sectional Houses, Portable Buildings, Boats, and Vehicles or Combinations of Vehicles: MAXIMUM 12 FEET WIDE; 14 FEET HIGH; 75 OVERALL LENGTH.

#Sealed Ocean-Going Containers: MAXIMUM 8 FEET 6 INCHES WIDE; 13 FEET 6 INCHES HIGH and MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 100,000 pounds.

Date Permit is to Start:




DOT #:


Name of Individual, Company or Corporation:










Mailing Address:






















Telephone Number:


Fax Number:





Email Address:













This is to certify that I have either read the rules and regulations of the


pertaining to permits for vehicles or loads whose dimensions or weight exceeds the

maximum limit specified by law; or I will read the rules before the requested permit is used.

Cash :










Check #:



Cashiers Check #:



Name of Individual, Company or Corporation

Money Order #:




Credit Card # :





Master Card



Signature and title of Authorized Agent


Revised 05-10-11

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