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In order to file a property tax exemption form in the state of Alaska, you must first qualify for the exemption. The most common exemptions are for disabled veterans, surviving spouses, and heads of households with dependent children. Check with your local assessor's office to see if you qualify for any other exemptions. The Alaska Form 603 01A is used to apply for these exemptions. Be sure to have all of your information ready before you begin filling out the form. You will need to know your social security number, military service information, dates of birth and death (if applicable), and total household income. Once you have filled out the form and verified that all of the information is correct, submit it to your local assessor's office.

Form NameAlaska Form 603 01A
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesalaska monthly report, probation paperwork, alaska dept of corrections monthly report form, alaska monthly report form

Form Preview Example










Today’s Date:



Probation Officer:

































Residence Address:











Mailing Address:













Names of Those Living In The Residence (Relationship/Ages):






Have You Ever Been Convicted Of a Sexual Offense? Yes:














































Any Police Contacts Last Month? Yes




If Yes, Please Explain:












Did You Leave Town Or The Area Since Your Last Report? Yes



If So, Where Did You











Do You Own/Drive A Vehicle: Yes



Identification/Driver’s License #






License Plate:












Registered Owner:







Insurance Carrier:













Money Received:

Money Spent:

Your Pay From Wages/Salary:


Child Support:








Unemployment Compensation:





Fines :










If You Are Ordered To Participate In Any Of The Following Programs, Check Which Ones:

Sex Offender Treatment


Number Of Meetings Since Last Report

Substance Abuse Treatment


Number Of Meetings Since Last Report

AA Meetings


Number Of Meetings Since Last Report

Mental Health


Number Of Meetings Since Last Report




Number Of Meetings Since Last Report

Community Work Service


Number of Hours Since Last Report

Department of Corrections, Form 603.01A



Rev. 03/03




Comments: Are you having any particular problems? Have you changed address, phone number, employment, roommates, marital status? Do you have plans to change any of these in the immediate future?

This Monthly Report Is True And Correct To The Best Of My Knowledge.

For Office Use Only





Department of Corrections, Form 603.01A

Rev. 03/03

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2. Your next stage is usually to submit the following fields: Did You Leave Town Or The Area, Do You OwnDrive A Vehicle Yes, MakeModelYearColor, IdentificationDrivers License , License Plate, Registered Owner , Insurance Carrier, Money Received, Your Pay From WagesSalary, Unemployment Compensation, Money Spent, Child Support, Restitution, Other If You Are Ordered To, and Fines .

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3. Throughout this step, examine AA Meetings, Mental Health, Other, Community Work Service, Number Of Meetings Since Last, Number Of Meetings Since Last, Number Of Meetings Since Last, Number of Hours Since Last Report, and Department of Corrections Form A. All these must be completed with utmost attention to detail.

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In terms of Number Of Meetings Since Last and Number Of Meetings Since Last, make sure that you do everything properly in this section. The two of these are surely the most significant fields in the page.

4. Filling out Comments Are you having any, roommates marital status Do you, This Monthly Report Is True And, PROBATIONERPAROLEE SIGNATURE, For Office Use Only, TIME RECEIVED, and RECEIVED BY is vital in the fourth section - ensure to take your time and take a close look at every empty field!

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