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The AOC-CVM-201 form serves as a critical document within the North Carolina General Court of Justice, specifically in the District Court Division-Small Claims for the process of summary ejectment. This form encapsulates a comprehensive procedure for landlords to initiate legal action against tenants for various reasons, including failure to pay rent, holding over after a lease period has ended, breach of lease conditions, or involvement in criminal activities as outlined under G.S. 42-63. Notably, it requires detailed information about the parties involved, the premises in question, the nature of the lease, and the specifics of the claimed breach or grounds for ejectment. The form also outlines the financial claims made by the plaintiff against the defendant, including past due rent, potential property damage, and additional costs accrued until judgment. Furthermore, it guides litigants through the filing process, detailing steps for serving the defendant, the limitations on monetary claims in small claims court, and the necessity of appearing before a magistrate to prove one's claim. Instructions for defendants on how to respond and the procedures for appealing a magistrate's decision are also included. Equally important, it emphasizes the requirement for plaintiffs to advance court costs at the time of filing and the potential for these costs to be transferred to the defendant upon a favorable judgment for the plaintiff. The AOC-CVM-201 form thus serves as a foundational tool for navigating the complexities of summary ejectment cases, ensuring that both plaintiffs and defendants are well-informed about their rights, responsibilities, and the procedural steps required to assert their claims or defenses in the North Carolina court system.

Form NameAoc Cvm 201 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesaoc cvm 201, complaint in summary ejectment, north carolina aoc cvm online, aoc 201

Form Preview Example

File No.



G.S. 7A-216, 7A-232; Ch. 42, Art. 3 and 7

Name And Address Of Plaintiff


Telephone No.




Name And Address Of Defendant 1













In The General Court Of Justice










District Court Division-Small Claims


















1. The defendant is a resident of the county named above.









2. The defendant entered into possession of premises described below as a lessee of plaintiff.














Description Of Premises (Include Location)

















Public Housing

























Section 8































Rate Of Rent




Date Rent Due

Date Lease Ended

Type Of Lease




















































The defendant failed to pay the rent due on the above date and the plaintiff made demand for the rent





and waited the 10-day grace period before filing the complaint.
















The lease period ended on the above date and the defendant is holding over after the end of the lease period.

The defendant breached the condition of the lease described below for which re-entry is specified.

Criminal activity or other activity has occurred in violation of G.S. 42-63 as specified below.

Description Of Breach/Criminal Activity (give names, dates, places and illegal activity)














Telephone No.








Name And Address Of Defendant 2









4.The plaintiff has demanded possession of the premises from the defendant, who has refused to surrender it, and the plaintiff is entitled to immediate possession.

5.The defendant owes the plaintiff the following:

Description Of Any Property Damage












Amount Of Damage (If Known)


Amount Of Rent Past Due

Total Amount Due






















6. I demand to be put in possession of the premises and to recover the total amount listed above and daily




rental until entry of judgment plus interest and reimbursement for court costs.


Telephone No.























Signature Of Plaintiff/Attorney/Agent



Name And Address Of Plaintiff's Attorney Or Agent






























I certify that I am an agent of the plaintiff and have actual knowledge of the facts alleged in this Complaint.







AOC-CVM-201, Rev. 2/06


© 2006 Administrative Office of the Courts



1.The PLAINTIFF must file a small claim action in the county where at least one of the defendants resides.

2.The PLAINTIFF cannot sue in small claims court for more than $5,000.00 excluding interest and costs.

3.The PLAINTIFF must show the complete name and address of the defendant to ensure service on the defendant. If there are two defendants and they reside at different addresses, the plaintiff must include both addresses. The plaintiff must determine if the defendant is a corporation and sue in the complete corporate name. If the business is not a corporation, the plaintiff must determine the owner's name and sue the owner.

The PLAINTIFF may serve the defendant(s) by mailing a copy of the

4.summons and complaint by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the party to be served or by paying the costs to have the sheriff serve the summons and complaint. If certified or registered mail is used, the plaintiff must prepare and file a sworn statement with the Clerk of Superior Court proving service by certified mail and must attach to that statement the postal receipt showing that the letter was accepted.

In filling out number 3 in the complaint, if the landlord is seeking to remove the tenant for failure to pay rent when there is no written lease, the first block

5.should be checked. (Defendant failed to pay the rent due on the above date and the plaintiff made demand for the rent and waited the ten (10) day grace period before filing the complaint.) If the landlord is seeking to remove the tenant for failure to pay rent when there is a written lease with an automatic forfeiture clause, the third block should be checked. (The defendant breached the condition of the lease described below for which re-entry is specified.) And "failure to pay rent" should be placed in the space for description of the breach. If the landlord is seeking to evict tenant for violating some other condition in the lease, the third block should also be checked. If the landlord is claiming that the term of the lease has ended and the tenant refuses to leave, the second block should be checked. If the landlord is claiming that criminal activity occurred, the fourth block should be checked and the conduct must be described in space provided.

6.The PLAINTIFF must pay advance court costs at the time of filing this Complaint. In the event that judgment is rendered in favor of the plaintiff, court costs may be charged against the defendant.

7.The PLAINTIFF must appear before the magistrate to prove his/her claim.

8.The DEFENDANT may file a written answer, making defense to the claim, in the office of the Clerk of Superior Court. This answer should be accompanied by a copy for the plaintiff and be filed no later than the time set for trial. The filing of the answer DOES NOT relieve the defendant of the need to appear before the magistrate to assert the defendant's defense.

9.The PLAINTIFF or the DEFENDANT may appeal the magistrate's decision in this case. To appeal, notice must be given in open court when the judgment is entered, or notice may be given in writing to the Clerk of Superior Court within ten (10) days after the judgment is entered. If notice is given in writing, the appealing party must also serve written notice of appeal on all other parties. The appealing party must PAY to the Clerk of Superior Court the costs of court for appeal within twenty (20) days after the judgment is entered.

If the defendant appeals and wishes to remain on the premises the

10.defendant must also post a stay of execution bond within ten (10) days after the judgment is entered.

11.This form is supplied in order to expedite the handling of small claims. It is designed to cover the most common claims.

12.The Clerk or magistrate cannot advise you about your

case or assist you in completing this form. If you have any questions, you should consult an attorney.

AOC-CVM-201, Side Two, Rev. 2/06

© 2006 Administrative Office of the Courts

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