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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has released the list of entities that will be receiving funding through the MPCA's Business Health and Safety Fund. The Business Health and Safety Fund is a new program that provides financial assistance to businesses with pollution prevention projects. BHSF Form 1 Mpp is among the entities that will receive funding from the MPCA. In order to be eligible for funding, businesses must implement pollution prevention projects that reduce waste and protect human health and the environment. The BHSF Form 1 Mpp is a great option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. To learn more about this program, or to apply for funding, visit the MPCA website.

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Form NameBhsf Form 1 Mpp
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesmedicaid application form louisiana, louisiana medicaid application printable, what does the louisiana medicaid renewal form look like for 2018, louisiana printable application for medicaid

Form Preview Example


Rev. 04/05

Prior Issue Obsolete


For Agency Use Only

Request date


(Application date)

Date mailed

Agency Rep

To protect your application date, we must receive this application by



(for agency use only)

What language do you speak best? … English … Spanish … Vietnamese … Other (specify) What language do you write best? … English … Spanish … Vietnamese … Other (specify)

If you do not speak English we can get interpreter services to help at no cost to you. If you need help to fill out this form, call your local Medicaid office or call us toll free at 1+888+544-7996. If you are deaf or have hearing problems, call the TTY line toll free at 1+800+220-5404.

This application is to get healthcare coverage for persons with disabilities who work and who are at

least age 16 but not yet age 65. If you want Medicaid for anyone else, check ( ) this …. We will send you information about applying for other Medicaid coverage. Please fill out every item on this form. If an answer to a question is none or 0, write “none”. If you need more space for any item, use a separate sheet.

1.Tell us who YOU are, where YOU live, and where YOU get your mail:










Home address







Zip code















Mailing address







Zip code













Home phone ( )


Daytime phone (


















2.Tell us about yourself and your spouse. You do not have to give your spouse’s Social Security number if he or she is not applying. If given, the number will only be used to verify assets.

You do not have to give race information. If you choose to do so, use the following codes: 1=White; 2=Black; 3=American Indian/Alaskan; 4=Asian; 5=Hispanic/Latino; 6=Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; 7=Hispanic/Latino & Other; 8=Multi-Race, Not Hispanic; 9=Unknown

Name - first, middle initial, last

Social Security

Date of birth



US citizen/


Relation to you








Legal alien















































3.Tell us about EACH job or business that you have. Show the amount of total or gross income before any deductions, not your take-home pay. (Send copies of pay check stubs or other proof of your earnings for last month. If you are self-employed, send copies of your most recent federal tax form with all schedule attachments. Send other proof if you do not have tax forms.)

Employer name, address & phone OR


How often do

# of hours

Self-employment information


you get paid?

worked per week



4.Do you get any money like the kinds listed below? … Yes … No

Social Security


Money from friends


Workman’s Compensation

or relatives

Veteran’s Benefits


Any other not listed

(Show all money that you get and send proof of the income. You do not have to send proof of Social Security or Unemployment income.)


Income type


Source name,



How much


How often




address, & phone



do you get?


do you get it?



















Have you ever applied for money from any of these sources? … Yes … No If Yes, when and from which ones?

5.Do you have Medicare or other health insurance? … Yes … No If Yes, answer the following. (Send proof of coverage and premium payment.)

Insurance company name,

Group/policy number



Policy covers:

address, & phone


































Can you get health insurance from your employer? … Yes … No

6.Do you, or you jointly with your spouse, have any assets or resources like those listed below? … Yes … No If Yes, give us the following information. (Send proof of ownership and value.)



Company name, address, & phone;


Amount owed



Account number and/or description






Checking/Savings accounts (type)










Certificates of Deposit





Retirement accounts















Vehicles (if more than one)





Property, other than your home





Other (please be specific)




7.Did you ever apply for or get Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

benefits? … Yes … No If Yes, when?


Was a decision made? … Yes … No

If Yes, what was the decision?







8.What is your disability?

Tell us about the doctors or other medical providers who care for you:

Provider’s name(s)

Address & phone of this medical provider

9.Where did you find out about the Medicaid Purchase Plan?

Rights and Responsibilities

I declare that I am a U.S. citizen or in this country legally.

The information I gave on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I realize if I knowingly give information that is not true OR if I knowingly hold back information, I may get health benefits for which I am not eligible. If that happens, I can be lawfully punished for fraud. I may also have to pay Medicaid back for any medical bills which are paid incorrectly.

I understand that the information I give about my situation will be checked. I agree to help do that, and to let Medicaid get information it needs from government agencies, employers, medical providers, and other sources. If I refuse to help with this process or in later reviews caused by reported changes, or as part of a Recipient Eligibility review, it will mean that I can’t get Medicaid until I do help.

I know that Social Security numbers will only be used to get information from other government agencies to prove my eligibility.

I agree to tell Medicaid within 10 days if 1) I move out of state; 2) there are changes in where I live or get my mail; 3) there are any changes in other health insurance coverage; 4) there is any change in my work status.

By accepting Medicaid, I agree that any medical payments received from other sources will be sent to the Department of Health and Hospitals for any services that were covered by Medicaid.

I can ask for a Fair Hearing if I think the decision made on my case is unfair, incorrect or being made too late.

Medicaid can’t treat me differently because of my race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, nationality or political belief. If I think they have, I can call the U.S. DHHS Regional Office for Civil Rights in Dallas, TX at 1+800+368-1019 or write to Louisiana’s Department of Health & Hospitals, Human Resources at P. O. Box 1349 Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1349.

Signature of Applicant or Authorized Representative






Signature of Agency Representative, if applicable



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Our finest software engineers worked hard to implement the PDF editor we are now happy to present to you. The application makes it possible to shortly create louisiana medicaid application form and can save your time. You just have to follow this specific instruction.

Step 1: The initial step should be to press the orange "Get Form Now" button.

Step 2: The document editing page is currently available. You can add information or update current content.

Complete the particular areas to fill in the document:

louisiana medicaid paper application fields to complete

Remember to fill in the Tell us who YOU are where YOU, Daytime phone, Tell us about yourself and your, Name first middle initial last, Social Security number, Date of birth Day, Year, Month, Sex MF, Race, US citizen Legal alien, Louisiana resident, Relation to you, Yes No Yes No cid cid cid cid Yes, and self field with the requested information.

step 2 to completing louisiana medicaid paper application

The software will request for additional info to effortlessly fill in the area Employer name address phone OR, Amount paid, How often do you get paid, of hours worked per week, Do you get any money like the, cid InterestDividendsRoyalties cid, cid Money from friends or relatives, cid Unemployment, Income type, Source name address phone, How much do you get, How often do you get it, Have you ever applied for money, and Do you have Medicare or other.

Completing louisiana medicaid paper application stage 3

The Insurance company name address, Grouppolicy number, Monthly cost, Policy covers, hospital, doctor ambulance, cid cid cid, cid cid cid, and Can you get health insurance from section will be your place to include the rights and obligations of each side.

stage 4 to completing louisiana medicaid paper application

Check the areas AssetResource, Company name address phone, Value, Amount owed, CheckingSavings accounts type, Certificates of Deposit, Retirement accounts, AnnuitiesTrusts, StocksBonds, Vehicles if more than one, Property other than your home, Other please be specific, Did you ever apply for or get, What is your disability, and Tell us about the doctors or other and next fill them out.

louisiana medicaid paper application AssetResource, Company name address  phone, Value, Amount owed, CheckingSavings accounts type, Certificates of Deposit, Retirement accounts, AnnuitiesTrusts, StocksBonds, Vehicles if more than one, Property other than your home, Other please be specific, Did you ever apply for or get, What is your disability, and Tell us about the doctors or other fields to fill

Step 3: Select the button "Done". Your PDF file can be transferred. It is possible to save it to your device or email it.

Step 4: Come up with a duplicate of every file. It will certainly save you time and help you avoid troubles as time goes on. By the way, your details will not be revealed or analyzed by us.

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