Va Form 2346A Details

The Blue Va Form 2346 is a form that can be used by taxpayers who are exempt from filing an income tax return, but want to file their information with the Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of this form is for taxpayers to report all sources of income and calculate any taxes they owe on them. The Blue Va Form 2346 has three different sections: "Income Tax Return," "Excluded Income," and "Taxable Income." The first section is for reporting taxable income, which includes wages, interest, dividends, self-employment earnings (profit or loss), capital gains distributions (or losses), Social Security benefits (if taxed), pensions and annuities (if taxed) alimony received if taxable).

In the list, there's some good information concerning the blue va form 2346. You'll have the assumed time you'll need to complete the form as well as additional details.

Form NameBlue Va Form 2346
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesblue va form 2346, 2346 form, va form 2346a for hearing aid support, va form 2346a

Blue Va Form 2346
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