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The CCSF Transcript Form is an important document for both students and colleges. For students, the transcript form shows all of the courses that have been taken and grades earned. This information is used by colleges to decide if a student is eligible for admission and what classes they should take. For colleges, the transcript form contains information about a student’s education history and grades earned. This information is used to make decisions about admissions, scholarships, and course placement.

Form NameCcsf Transcript Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namescity francisco transcript request, city college of sf transcripts, college san francisco transcript, city college of san francisco transcripts

Form Preview Example

(if different from above) ___________________________________________

City College of San Francisco - Transcript Request Form

Complete separate form(s) if mailing to different addresses

Student Name: ________________________________________________


Current Address: _______________________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ______ Zip Code: __________

Student ID or SSN: _____________________ Birthdate: _____/_____/_____

mo day yr

Name while attending:

Did you attend CCSF prior to 1983? ________________________________

Are you currently enrolled? ______ Is this your 1st semester at CCSF? ______

Send Transcript To: (Please print or type)

School or Name: _______________________________________



City: ____________________ State: _____ Zip Code: _____________

Phone: _____________

Email: _____________


No. of copies



x $10 = $ ______

Regular ___

x $ 5 = $ ______




Total: $ _____


I will pick up transcript


Have transcript mailed



Hold transcript until: __ Current grades posted __ Degree/Certificate posted __ IGETC posted


Date: __________________


Office use only

By: ____________

Fees paid: $ ____

Fees owed: $ ____

Fees waived: ____

Return check: ____

Attachment: _____

HOLD(s): ____

Transcript Issued ___

Return completed form to: CCSF - Registration Center., 50 Phelan Ave., SH118, San Francisco, Ca 94112 Tel: 415-239-3838 Fax: 415-239-3836



1.Regular service is $5 ea. First two transcripts ever requested are free of charge.

It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to process; and 3 to 4 weeks during peak periods – Jan., Feb., June, July, & Aug..

Rush service is $10 ea, applies to records 1983 or after. It takes about 3 to 5 working days. No free transcript for Rush service.

2.You must mail or fax your request with payment (no cash). Make check payable to City College of San Francisco to the following address:

City College of San Francisco

Registration Center

50 Phelan Ave. SH118

San Francisco, Ca 94112

Fax: 415-239-3836

Pay In Person:

go to Registration Center

Smith Hall 118

Mon -Thur 8 - 5PM, Fri 8 - 2PM

Pick Up Transcript: go to Transcript Dept.

Conlan Hall, E107

Mon - Thur 8 - 5 PM, Fri. 8 - 2PM

3.Free Unofficial transcript, go to, and click the link Admissions/Registration, then click Online Registration to log in.

4.HOLDS and or obligations must be cleared with the proper office before a transcript can be issued.

5.IGETC with transcript request: student must see a counselor and complete all preliminary paperwork before requesting IGETC. No Rush service.

6.Only Credit courses taken at CCSF will appear on the transcript. Transcripts from high schools and other colleges will not be forwarded.

7.CCSF transcripts do not show courses in progress or midterm grades.

8.Requests for current semester grades to be included in the transcript, submit your Transcript Request not earlier than:

May 8th for Spring; July 15th for Summer; and Dec. 8th for Fall semester.

9.Transcript requests to be picked up by a third party must be accompanied by a written consent.



White Copy – Transcript

Canary Copy – Student

Pink Copy – Registration

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city college francisco transcript conclusion process detailed (part 1)

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