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In the journey towards higher education, the Centennial College Application form serves as a crucial initial step, meticulously crafted to capture a myriad of details essential for the aspiring student. At its core, the application process is straightforward: applicants are instructed to print, fill, fax, and then mail the form to the college's International Education Office, a procedure that underscores the blend of traditional and digital methodologies in today's admission processes. This form is not just about personal details; it dives deeper asking for a wide spectrum of information ranging from permanent mailing addresses, academic history, and language proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS, to program selection preferences. Each section is meticulously designed to not only understand the applicant's background but also their educational and career aspirations. Beyond academic credentials, the form seeks consent under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Individual Privacy Statement, ensuring applicants are aware of how their information will be used. This acknowledgment of privacy laws shows a commitment to the integrity and confidentiality of applicant data. Furthermore, the form accommodates international students with sections dedicated to English proficiency and future educational goals, reflecting the college's global perspective. With spaces also allocated for authorization and consent for information release, the form encapsulates a comprehensive approach to the college admission process, ensuring that every candidate provides a holistic view of their qualifications and aspirations.

Form NameCentennial College Application Form
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields80
Avg. time to fill out17 min 4 sec
Other namescentennial college application form for international students, centennial college form fill, centennial application form, centennial college application online

Form Preview Example

Applying to Centennial College

1.Print out this form

2.Fill it in

3.Fax it to us at 416-289-5352

4.Then mail the original to:

Centennial College

International Education Office

P.O. Box 631, Station A

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M1K 5E9

Mr. Mrs. Ms. Female Male

Permanent Mailing Address

Last Name _________________________________

First Name _______________________ Second Name __________________________

Street __________________________________________________________________

Apt: # _______ City _____________________ Province/State ___________________

Country _______________________________ Postal Code ______________________

Telephone, Fax

Country Code ______ City Code ______ Number _____________________________

Home __________________________________________________________________

Work __________________________________________________________________

Fax ____________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________

Birth Date: Month __________ Day _________ Year __________

Country of Citizenship ______________________________________

Page 1

First Language:


French Other, please specify _____________________

Basis for admission consideration

Secondary school graduate or equivalent (Please fax transcripts with your application. Then mail certified copies with original application.)

Additional academic information

College/university studies (Please fax transcripts with your application. Then mail certified copies with original application.)

Have you written the TOEFL?

Yes No

If yes, please indicate the date it was written ______________________.

TOEFL Score_________________ (Please have your marks sent to us)

Have you written the IELTS?

Yes No

If yes, please indicate the date it was written _______________________.


Listening: ______ Reading: ______ Writing: ______ Speaking: ______ Overall: ______

(Please have your marks sent to us)

Program Selection (in order of preference)

1)Program ________________________ Length ______________ Start Date ________

2)Program ________________________ Length ______________ Start Date ________

3)Program ________________________ Length ______________ Start Date ________


I certify that the above information is true and complete. I understand that any false or incomplete information submitted in support of my application may invalidate my application. I have read the Freedom of Information and Protection of Individual Privacy Statement (see below).

Signature _______________________________________

Date ___________________________________________

Page 2

Freedom of Information and Protection of Individual Privacy Act: The information on this form is collected under the legal authority of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Act, R.S.O. 1980, Chapter 272, S.S.,: R.R.O. 1980, Regulation 640. The information is used for administration and statistical purposes of Centennial College and/or the Ministries and Agencies of the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. For further information, please contact Enrolment Services, Centennial College, PO Box 631, Station A, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1K 5E9.

Have you attended school or college in Canada before?

Yes No

If yes, please give the names of schools, addresses, programs and dates attended:




Date Attended


___________________ __________________ _____________


___________________ __________________ _____________


___________________ __________________ _____________

Future Education and Career Goals

If you are applying for English as a Second Language or English for Academic Purposes, do you plan to continue post-secondary study after your English course is completed?

Yes No

If yes, what programs interest you? ___________________________________________

Do you plan to complete a diploma program and go on to university?

Yes No

Are you planning to work in Canada for one year after graduation (as permitted by Immigration Canada)?

Yes No

Page 3

Information Release

Pursuant to the Freedom and Protection of Individual Privacy Act, I hereby authorize Centennial College to release any and all information related to any and all aspects of my application for admission, acceptance, fees or program of studies to the person whose name and address appears below. I certify that the person named is my selected representative and has my agreement to access and use this information to assist me to successfully register and access programs at Centennial College.

I authorize information release to my contact in Canada:

Contact's Name __________________________________________________________

Contact's Address _________________________________________________________

Contact's Telephone

Area code __________ Number ____________________________________________

Phone _____________________________________

Fax _______________________________________

Signature of Applicant




Page 4