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Are you in the process of training your new dog, or perhaps thinking about doing so? If so, you may be wondering if it's worth investing in a dog training contract. After all, what's to stop the dog from reverting back to bad habits once he's been trained, right? Actually, a carefully crafted dog training contract can be an invaluable tool for both you and your furry friend. Keep reading for more information on why contracts can be helpful during the training process, as well as what should be included in one.

Form NameDog Training Contract Template Form
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Other namesdog training business contract, blank dog training contract, dog training contract template, dog training business forms

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Rattlesnake Aversion Training by Natural Solutions

Cell Phone: 760-464-6792


Your Name




















(please circle to indicate whether this will be each dog’s first time going through Rattlesnake Aversion Training or a Re-Train)

Dog 1 Name



New or Re-train





Dog 2 Name



New or Re-train






Dog 3 Name




or Re-train






Dog 4 Name




or Re-train






Please name any behavior problems (i.e. Aggression towards people or animals, etc.) that may affect training

Health problems (i.e. current medications, food allergies, physical handicaps, etc.) that may be affected by training

Training Information (Please circle Y or N; if different for each dog, please indicate):

I have used a bark or shock collar on my dog(s) before: Y


My dog(s) is leash trained: Y N


My dog(s) has been through obedience training: Y N


My dog(s) has been through Rattlesnake Aversion Training:


If yes, how long ago?_____________ By Whom:_______________________________________

My dog(s) has been inoculated with rattlesnake vaccine:



If yes, how long ago? ______________




My dog(s) has come in contact with a rattlesnake:




If yes, how long ago? ______________




Was he/she/they bitten and envenomated? Y




If yes, what treatments were given if any? _____________________________________________

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Services Agreement

May I thank you for selecting me to provide animal management and training services for your pet. You have asked me to perform training with your pet named above for purposes of reducing the likelihood that your pet will purposely encounter and approach a venomous rattlesnake. This program is called Rattlesnake Aversion Training. I would like to define my scope of work, the costs, and some of the risks and limitations of this work before we proceed.

Scope of Work

It is anticipated that I will provide the services specified in this agreement with the pet(s) named above according to the following scope of work.

1)I will obtain a history of your pets age, health and behavior. Based upon the information provided to me in the Pet Health and History Questionnaire (above), I might ask need to ask you further follow up questions. Prior to commencement of this aversion training it is important that you advise me of any known health problems that might make this training ill advised. It is suggested that you have your pet examined by a licensed veterinarian before we begin this work to make sure that there are no health limitations that would make this training contraindicated.

2)I will provide the necessary training equipment for purposes of implementing the aversion training. This will include electric stimulus collars, leashes and live rattlesnakes.

3)Using this equipment I will train your pet named above in one session by use of behavioral aversive training techniques to have an aversive behavioral response to a rattlesnake. Any additional or reinforcement sessions are certainly recommended, but are beyond the scope of this agreement.

4)During this training I will advise you of and allow you to observe the outcome, and then counsel you regarding recommended follow up reinforcement training that would be advisable in the future.

Costs and Expenses

I will provide the equipment and services defined in the scope of work above for the fixed fee of $___________ per animal

payable on the date I am to perform these services.

Limitations and Risks

Before you agree to have me perform the scope of work outlined above, it is important that you understand the limitations and risks of this proposal, and that you give an informed consent.

1)All behavioral training techniques including the work defined in the above scope of work have limitations, including but not limited to the following major limitations.

a)There may still be a small risk that your pet will encounter and fail to avoid contact with a venomous reptile.

b)Behavioral training may lose effectiveness over time unless reinforced with further training sessions.

2)The specific technique I will use may have the following risks of harm to your pet.

a)The venomous reptiles I will use in this training will be muzzled. All precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of your pet, our trainers and the snakes. Although the risk is VERY SMALL, there is still a chance the snake can envenomate and can possibly inflict other injury to your pet.

Conclusion and Agreement to Provide Services

If the above scope of work meets with your approval in light of the limitations and risks involved, I will be very pleased to commence my work. Please then sign this services agreement below, and upon receipt of the fee for the costs and expenses I will commence the training.

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