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Part I - Completed by the VITA/TCE site: This section provides information about the site, including its name, address, identification number, and contact details. It also describes the various methods used by the site to prepare tax returns virtually.

Part II - The Site's Process: This section outlines the steps involved in the remote tax preparation process, including appointment scheduling, securing taxpayer consent, document collection, taxpayer authentication, interviewing, tax return preparation, quality review, sharing the completed return, signing, and e-filing.

Part III - Taxpayer Consents: This section is where the taxpayer indicates their consent to have their tax return prepared virtually and acknowledges the risks associated with the process. If the taxpayer agrees to participate in the virtual tax preparation process, they must provide their name, date of birth, last four digits of their Social Security or ITIN number, contact information, and signature. If the taxpayer is married and filing jointly, both spouses must provide their information and signatures.

Form Name Form 14446
Form Length 3 pages
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Avg. time to fill out 45 sec
Other names taxpayer consent form, virtual consent form, irs consent form

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Form 14446

(July 2013)

Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service

Virtual VITA/TCE Site Model Taxpayer Consent

OMB Number


You are providing your information to a volunteer located in

City and State

for the preparation of your tax return for the



Taxpayer’s Procedures

You (taxpayer) will:

Complete the Form 13614-C and provide social security cards or proof of your ITIN numbers for you, (if applicable) your spouse and potential dependents.

Provide all related information/documentation to the Intake Site or Preparation/Quality Review Site necessary to prepare an accurate tax return.

Picture Identification for yourself and spouse (if applicable)

Completed Form 13614-C, Intake/Interview and Quality Review Sheet

Forms W-2, 1099 and/or any other income documents

Proof of expenses

Any other documents required to prepare an accurate return

Signed copy of this form

Review the return to ensure the names, social security numbers, address, banking information, income and expenses on the return are correct based on your supporting documents. You and your spouse (if applicable) are ultimately responsible for all of the information on the tax return.

Respond to questions asked by the IRS-certified volunteer who prepared or quality reviewed your return.

Sign Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization and send it back to the address listed above or as designated.

The above information will be (check one)





and sent to an IRS-certified volunteer at a

Preparation Site or

Quality Review Site.

Your information may be

retained by the Preparation Site until 12/31 of the current year.




The Intake site is required to provide you with the name, address and phone number of the coordinator of the Preparation or Quality Review Site. As your return is being prepared, you will communicate with the IRS-Certified volunteer at the

Preparation or Quality Review site by:


Video Conference

Preparation/Quality Review Site’s Coordinator name

Phone number

Additional comments

You will receive a phone call from the IRS-certified volunteer at the number(s) listed on your Form 13614-C within



from the date the information was received by fax, mail or e-mail at the Preparation Site or Quality Review Site.



Preparation/Quality Review Site Procedures

The certified volunteer will:

Call you to conduct an interview based on information included in your supporting documents and the completed Form 13614-C.

Prepare the tax return, and send it to you for review.

Call you to conduct a Quality Review (another IRS-certified volunteer).

Store your information in a safe place until your return is completed and transmitted.

After your return is prepared, a copy of your return, Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization, your supporting documents, and your Form 13614-C will be sent/provided to you.

Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone else. If you do not want us to handle your personal information in this manner, we cannot prepare your tax return.

Catalog Number 60989A

Form 14446 (Rev. 7-2013)

Page 2

Request to Quality Review your Tax Return

To ensure you are receiving quality service and an accurately prepared tax return at the volunteer site, IRS employees randomly select free tax preparation sites for review. If the site preparing this return is selected, do you consent to having your return reviewed by an IRS employee? Yes or No

IRS does not keep any personal information as part of their quality review. If you do not wish to have your return included as part of the review process, it will not affect the services provided to you today.

If you agree to have your tax return prepared and your tax documents handled in the above manner, your signature is required on this document. Signing this document means that you are agreeing to the procedures stated above for preparing a tax return for you. (If this is a Married Filing Joint return both spouses must sign and date this document.)

Printed name

Printed name





Catalog Number 60989A

Form 14446 (Rev. 7-2013)

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TCE conclusion process outlined (stage 1)

2. The next part would be to fill in these blank fields: W and other documents at the site, C Return Preparation andor Quality, andor quality review returns This, D Combination Site This site, appointments in their location, E Virtual VITATCE Process There, and this process during the intake.

E  Virtual VITATCE Process There, appointments in their location, and this process during the intake of TCE

3. The following segment is all about Scheduling the appointment, Securing Taxpayer Consent, Performing the Intake Process, Validating taxpayers, and Performing the interview with the - complete every one of these fields.

Part no. 3 in completing TCE

4. The next part requires your information in the subsequent places: Preparing the tax return, Performing the quality review, Sharing the completed return, Signing the return, and Efiling the tax return. Just be sure you fill out all needed details to go forward.

Part number 4 of submitting TCE

When it comes to Preparing the tax return and Sharing the completed return, make certain you don't make any mistakes in this current part. These are considered the key fields in the PDF.

5. To finish your form, the particular area involves several extra blank fields. Entering To ensure you are receiving, Yes, Virtual Consent Disclosure, If you agree to have your tax, I am agreeing to use this sites, Yes, Printed name, Printed name spouse if married, Date of birth, Last four digits Social, Date of birth, Last four digits Social, Date, Telephone number, and Date will conclude everything and you can be done before you know it!

I am agreeing to use this sites, Printed name, and Virtual Consent Disclosure inside TCE

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