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The Michigan Department of Treasury's Form 447 is an essential document for businesses operating within the state, particularly when it comes to the year-end financial reporting season. This form plays a pivotal role in the transmittal of Magnetic Media Reporting of W-2s, W-2Gs, and 1099s, as mandated under the authority of Public Act 281 of 1967. Its primary purpose is to streamline the process of submitting employee and payment records to the state, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Michigan's tax regulations. Mandatory for entities submitting magnetic W-2 information, the form requires careful attention to detail regarding the packaging and labeling of the magnetic media to meet Treasury specifications. Failure to comply with these specifications leads to the return of the submission, potentially causing delays in processing. Form 447 includes sections for general information about the submission, details on the media being submitted, and specific media information that helps in identifying and processing the records appropriately. What makes this form critical is its role in facilitating the efficient processing of a substantial volume of financial data, which directly impacts tax filing and compliance for both employers and employees in Michigan. Additionally, it outlines requirements and due dates for filing, highlighting the importance of timely submissions to avoid penalties. The form not only serves as a transmittal document but also as a guideline for the correct submission format, thereby aiding businesses in adhering to state tax laws and regulations.

Form NameForm 447 Michigan
Form Length2 pages
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Other names1099s, Transmittal, W-2G, FEIN

Form Preview Example

Michigan Department of Treasury

Form 447 (Rev. 8-09)

Transmittal for Magnetic Media Reporting of W-2s, W-2Gs and 1099s to the State of Michigan

Issued under the authority of Public Act 281 of 1967. Filing is mandatory if you are submitting magnetic W2 information.

Magnetic media must arrive in good condition and be packed in cartons. The packages must be labeled as containing magnetic media and must be marked “fragile.” If the media you submit does not meet Treasury speciications, it will be returned to you.

Ship packaged media with your completed form to: Return Processing Division; Magnetic Media Unit - SUW; Michigan Department of Treasury; Lansing, MI 48930. Call (517) 636-4730 if you have any questions.


Type of Submission




Type of data being reported (check only one)



























































Transmitter Name



Tax Year

Federal Employer Identiication Number

Number of employees being reported



























ZIP Code














Contact Person Name



Contact Person Title






Contact Person Telephone Number





















Media Type



Quantity of Media Submitted

Computer Manufacturer and Model



Tape (cartridge)
























Operating System/Version


































Software Program/version used to create ile















Tape Density


Recording Mode



Quantity of Magnetic Labels



6250 bpi


1600 bpi



































Are Labels followed by Tape Marks?


Record Length (Number of characters)



Number of records per block




































List all employers included in this ile below. Attach additional page(s) if needed.














Employer Name


Federal Employer Identiication Number (FEIN)









































































































General Information

The Michigan Department of Treasury requires employers with 250 or more Michigan employees to ile MI-W-2 information on 3480 and 3490 cartridge or CD. Smaller employers are encouraged to use magnetic media, but may ile using the state copy of the federal W-2. W-2 reports are due February 28. Late iling is subject to penalty as provided under the Revenue Act.

Do not enclose your annual return with your W-2 report. Mail your annual return to the address on that form. Do not duplicate on paper forms any information iled on magnetic media.

For W-2 reporting, the State of Michigan currently accepts the federal EFW2 format. The State accepts magnetic W-2 reporting only in the format published by the Social Security Administration.

Corrected magnetic media iles must be clearly marked “CORRECTED” and sent to the address above. Paper W-2Cs that are correcting information submitted on magnetic media must also be sent to the address above.

If you choose to send a copy of your federal EFW2 iling, you must be sure that the Code RS State Record (optional for federal reporting) is illed in. Within the RS record, Treasury will be looking for the following positions:


Record Identiier




State Code “26”


State Abbreviation




ZIP Code




ZIP Code Extension


Employee First Name




Employee Middle Name


State Employer Acct #


Employee Last Name






State Taxable Wages


Location Address


State Income Tax






Deliver Address



Treasury will ignore any other ields included in this record.

You do not need to apply in advance to submit W-2 information on magnetic media or submit test media. You must, however,

send Form 447, Transmittal for Magnetic Media Reporting

of W-2s, W-2Gs, and 1099s to the State of Michigan with your magnetic media. If Form 447 is not completed and included with your media, your media may be rejected and returned to you unprocessed.


your transmittal or media indicate any unacceptable




be returned

to you. If your iling



it is



to resubmit them in

an acceptable format. However, the original submission is considered a timely iling if it was mailed by February 28.

1099-MISC Reporting

1099-MISC for services performed in the State of Michigan, regardless of the state of residence of the payee, must be iled with the State of Michigan whether there was withholding or not.

Waivers and Extensions

Section 365, subsection 1, of the Income Tax Act of 1967, [MCL 206.365 (1)] states that a duplicate of form W-2 made pursuant to this section and an annual reconciliation return shall be iled with the Department of Treasury by February 28 of the succeeding year. The department cannot grant an extension.


Magnetic media that are acceptable to process will not be returned. You should keep a copy of your magnetic media ile for 14 months. You must keep a copy of the W-2 data, or be able to reconstruct the data, for six years after the due date of the report.

Michigan Media Technical Requirements

Magnetic media sent must be identiied externally with a stick- on label listing name and federal employer identiication number (FEIN) of transmitter, type of document represented (W-2), payment year, number of employees, density, recording mode, record size and blocking factor.

Treasury accepts IBM 3480 and 3490 compatible cartridges using the same requirements as deined by the IRS (IBM Standard Label, EBCDIC, 37,871 BPI Density). Acceptable W-2 and 1099 data should have Record Length: 276; Blocking Factor: 1-25. Treasury will accept ASCII ix length records submitted on CD-Rom.

Multi-volume tapes are not acceptable.

W-2G and 1099 Series Forms

Treasury does not require the iling of W-2G information by payers unless Michigan taxes have been withheld.

Michigan does not participate in the combined Federal/State Filing Program of W-2G or 1099 series forms. Payers with 250 or more W-2G or 1099 records to report must ile the information to Michigan using the publication 1220 format. Payers with fewer than 250 W-2Gs or 1099s to report may ile either magnetic media or the paper copy of the W-2G or 1099 with the annual return. See the FAQ’s at

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