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The State of California Department of Justice, recognizing the cornerstone of a transparent government lies in the public's access to governmental records, has established a streamlined procedure through the JUS 8851 form. This form is designed as a means for individuals to formally request public records, embodying a commitment to uphold the principles of the Public Records Act. Encouraging individuals to utilize an electronic form available on the Attorney General's website, the aim is to facilitate a direct submission to the Public Records Ombudsman of the Attorney General's Office, thereby ensuring a more efficient processing of requests. Yet, acknowledging varied preferences and needs, the option to submit the form via regular mail, especially when supporting documents are to be included, is preserved. It's vital to note the scope of requests that can be processed through this form is specifically tailored; requests for criminal history information or records held by other state and local agencies fall outside its purview, emphasizing the form's focus on records directly accessible through the Department of Justice. In addition, while the form serves as a bridge between the public and the records they seek, it is distinctly not a conduit for legal research or advice, underscoring the Department's role in facilitating information access over offering legal counsel. To ensure a response from the Ombudsman, submitters are reminded of the importance of providing contact information, as the electronic submission process does not automatically capture this. This requirement underlines the interactive nature of fulfilling public records requests, highlighting a balance between technological convenience and the necessity of traditional communication methods. Clear, concise, and detailed descriptions of the requested records are encouraged, enabling the Department to more accurately and promptly fulfill requests, reflecting the shared goal of promoting transparency and accessibility within government operations.

Form NameForm Jus 8851
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JUS 8851

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(Orig. 03/2010)



To facilitate processing your Public Records Act request, we encourage you to use the electronic form provided on the Attorney General's website, which will be submitted directly to the Public Records Ombudsman of the Attorney General's Office.

If you prefer to contact us by regular mail or have copies of documents to submit in support of your request, please use this fillable form and mail to:

Public Records Ombudsman

P.O. Box 944255-2550

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-4069

Facsimile: (916) 322-4532


We cannot process criminal history requests or requests for records held by other state agencies and local government agencies.

We do not perform legal research or provide legal advice on behalf of individual members of the public.

Submitting this form electronically does not provide the Public Records Ombudsman with your contact information. In order for us to forward our response to your request, please provide some form of contact information (address, phone number, or e-mail).

*Indicates Required Fields

First Name:


Last Name:












*Zip Code:






E-mail Address:


Phone Number:








Record Requested:

Please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the records you seek (e.g., date, case name, case number, document description, etc.)

Record(s) Description:


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