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In order to file a workers' compensation claim, you will need to complete Form PC 584. This form is used to report injuries or illnesses that occur while you are working. You can submit this form online or by mail. In order to complete the form, you will need to provide information about the injury or illness, your employer, and your insurance company. Be sure to review the instructions carefully before completing the form. If you have any questions, contact the Workers' Compensation Board at 1-800-348-8277.

Form NameForm Pc 584
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namespc584 mi setep for pc form

Form Preview Example

Approved, SCAO





























































In the matter of

In a guardianship or conservatorship, the ward's or protected individual's current address and telephone number are:

1. I,


, am the





of the estate and submit the following as my account, which covers the period from

Month, day, year



(may not exceed 12 months).

Month, day, year




Balance on hand from last account, or value of inventory if first account


Add income in this accounting period (Total from Schedule A.)


Total assets accounted for


Subtract disbursements in this accounting period

(Total from Schedule B.)



Total balance of assets remaining (Itemize and describe in Schedule D.)


If additional sheets are required for Schedule A or B, place all itemization on those sheets and include only category totals on the schedules below.

SCHEDULE A: Income and gain in this accounting period

SCHEDULE B: Expenses, losses, and other disbursements,

including distributions to devisees and beneficiaries










































Investment gain


Investment loss








Disposition gain, if any, from Schedule C


Disposition loss, if any, from Schedule C








Total Income


Total Expense, Loss,



and Gain





USE NOTE: If this form is being filed in the circuit court family division, please enter the court name and county in the upper left-hand corner of the form.

Do not write below this line - For court use only


MCL 330.1631, MCL 700.3703(4),


MCL 700.5418, MCR 5.308(A), MCR 5.310(C), MCR 5.313, MCR 5.409

SCHEDULE C: Gain and loss on disposition of assets (Use only if needed.)

































TOTAL GAIN (LOSS) ....................................................

If gain, transfer to Schedule A. If loss, transfer to Schedule B.

SCHEDULE D: Itemized assets remaining at end of accounting period

If additional sheets are required, indicate on Schedule "See attached sheets."

BALANCE OF ASSETS REMAINING (Show this amount on summary.) ............................

NOTE: In guardianships and conservatorships, except as provided by MCR 5.409(C)(4),

you must present to the court copies of corresponding financial institution statements or you must file with the court a verification of funds on deposit, either of which must reflect the value of all liquid assets held by a financial institution dated within 30 days after the end of the accounting period.

3.The interested persons, addresses, and their representatives are identical to those appearing on the initial application/petition, except as follows: (For each person whose address changed, list the name and new address; attach separate sheet if necessary. )

4.This account lists all income and other receipts and expenses and other disbursements that have come to my knowledge.


This account is not being filed with the court.



My fiduciary fees incurred during this accounting period (including fees that have already been approved and/or paid for this


accounting period) are $


. Attached is a written description of the services performed.


Attorney fees incurred during this accounting period (including fees that have already been approved and/or paid for this


accounting period) are $


. Attached is a written description of the services performed.

I declare under the penalties of perjury that this account has been examined by me and that its contents are true to the best of my information,knowledge,andbelief.

Attorney signature

Attorney name (type or print)

Bar no.







City, state, zip

Telephone no.


Fiduciary signature

Fiduciary name (type or print)


City, state, zip

Telephone no.

(For accounts that must be filed with the court.)


1.You must bring to the court's attention any objection you have to this account. Except in guardianships and conservatorships, the court does not normally review the account without an objection.

2.You have the right to review proofs of income and disbursements at a time reasonably convenient to the fiduciary and yourself.

3.You may object to all or part of an accounting by filing a written objection with the court before the court allows the account. You must pay a $20.00 filing fee to the court when you file the objection. (See MCR 5.310[C].)

4.If an objection is filed and is not otherwise resolved, the court will conduct a hearing on the objection.

5.You must serve the objection on the fiduciary or his/her attorney.

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Completing segment 1 in Form Pc 584

2. After this segment is completed, you're ready put in the necessary particulars in Investment gain, Investment loss, Disposition gain if any from, Disposition loss if any from, Total Income, and Gain, Total Expense Loss, and Disbursement, USE NOTE If this form is being, SEE SECOND PAGE, and Do not write below this line For allowing you to progress to the 3rd part.

The best way to prepare Form Pc 584 portion 2

Be extremely careful while filling in Total Expense Loss and and Gain, since this is where many people make some mistakes.

3. The third step is generally easy - complete all the empty fields in DESCRIPTION, DATE ACQUIRED SOLDDISPOSED, VALUE AT TIME PROCEEDS OF SALE, DISPOSITION, GAIN LOSS, FIDUCIARY, TOTAL GAIN LOSS, If gain transfer to Schedule A If, SCHEDULE D Itemized assets, If additional sheets are required, and BALANCE OF ASSETS REMAINING Show in order to finish this part.

Learn how to prepare Form Pc 584 portion 3

4. To go onward, this next step requires typing in a handful of form blanks. Included in these are The interested persons addresses, except as follows For each person, This account lists all income and, This account is not being filed, Attached is a written description, Attached is a written description, I declare under the penalties of, Attorney signature, Date, Fiduciary signature, Attorney name type or print, Bar no, Fiduciary name type or print, Address, and City state zip, which you'll find key to carrying on with this document.

Filling in part 4 of Form Pc 584

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